affiliateREADY – Managing global oversight and risk of Affiliates

Local affiliates are a critical component of a global pharmaceutical organization. They serve as the primary interface to local stakeholders including health authorities, healthcare professionals, and patients. Ensuring patients across the world safely benefit from a company’s products and treatments is only achievable through the successful implementation of pharmacovigilance and risk management at each and every affiliate.

What is affiliateREADY

affiliateREADY is a methodology developed by Navitas to assess critical components of managing local operating companies, that includes:


How the assessment works

Standardized surveys and interview questionnaires covering pharmacovigilance processes end-to-end from the global to local levels ensure a complete reflection and analysis of the worldwide operations. Various clients have integrated the methodology and tool into their operations to manage and monitor their global network. With over a decade of experience developing the methodology with industry, Navitas is the trusted partner and leading consulting firm to advise clients specifically on the following topics:

  • Supporting changing organizations to maintain local oversight while business evolves, e.g. through Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), divestitures or portfolio changes
  • Creating / adjusting an organizational Design and Framework
  • Development of governance models
  • Risk and compliance assessments
  • Capacity analyses and resource model design
  • Dashboard development for sustainable oversight

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