Gain insights from collaborative networks of industry leaders

Introducing the Navitas Life Sciences portfolio of industry leading networks

Join one of our industry leading networks if you want to raise the profile of your company and team, and be part of an independent sounding board where you can test and validate the latest thinking and uncover industry insight to develop compelling, yet pragmatic strategies to provide business value and meet the needs of patients, payers, and prescribers.

Our nets community is the place to discuss trends, insights, and future solutions. The philosophy behind each network is to:

  • Provide a platform for industry peers to learn and share from one another in an open environment
  • Deliver benchmark information to compare and measure operational and organisational performance
  • Discuss key issues facing organisations with ‘hot topics’ addressed by action teams
  • Regular forums to derive best practices to develop innovative future solutions to tackle shared challenges
  • Provide access to the latest industry insights through webcasts, think tanks, and community exchange
  • Offer satellite working sessions to surface industry trends and explore future strategies to boost performance and success

Aimed at pharmaceutical industry professionals, the networks were founded as an independent community for business leaders facing similar challenges to have a peer network to exchange insights, compare performance, and debate strategies to tackle the latest hot issues. Each network has a focused and evolving agenda to meet the latest challenges.

Please click below to find the latest topics being debated in your area of interest:


A network for Heads of Safety of Top 30 Life Sciences companies; invests in thought leadership to help shape future practices


A network for Heads of Safety of mid-sized Life Sciences companies with a range of product portfolios including one or more of Pharma, Biologicals, Consumer, and Medical Devices


A network for Heads of Information Technology for PV departments, focused on increasing business value from technology investments


A network for PV leads of life sciences companies in the APAC region with Pharma, Consumer, Generics, or mixed portfolios


A network for Chief Medical Officers; addressing strategic and governance topics within the remit of the CMO


A network for Regulatory Information Management (RIM) professionals to develop best practices and leading edge solutions for RIM


A network for labelling professionals; focused on the full lifecycle of labelling

Nets Newsfeed

From fifteen to future – Navitas Networks 15 year anniversary

Whats been going on in the Navitas Networks? July, 2017

Throughout June Navitas hosted our unique Spring Network Forums across the family of networks – pvconnect, pvnet, pvtech, labelnet and rimnet. We also featured a technology showcase in London for our labelmet and rimnet communities.

  • 290 attendees from 50 companies
  • 10 Forums across two locations – London and New York
  • Overall satisfaction rate from attendees of 89% across all forums
  • Disciplines: Pharmacovigilance, Labeling and RIM
  • 30 member case studies
  • Emerging hot topics across our networks include:
  • The search for novel and effective technology solutions to enable automation, integration and analytics
  • The patient moves to centre stage …..with discussions on how to bring and embed the patient voice into core PV, labeling and regulatory processes
  • Capacity and resource challenges continue as a recurring theme, driving our members to share ideas on new and effective resources models and solutions

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From fifteen to future – Navitas Networks 15 year anniversary

Navitas industry networks recently celebrated its milestone 15th year of delivering insights and creating...