An Insight into Oncology Clinical Trials at Navitas Life Sciences
Tuesday, 08 February 2022

It was World Cancer Day on 4th February 2022, and our latest blog highlights our successful management of oncology clinical trials.

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Top 5 On-Demand Webinars that you should not miss from 2021
Wednesday, 02 February 2022

Navitas Life Sciences has access to cutting edge perspective owing to vast experience, and a pulse on the latest in the industry.

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How we Effectively Manage Our Glaucoma Clinical Trials
Tuesday, 25 January 2022

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month and we would like to highlight the significance of glaucoma research to support people with glaucoma.

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A closer look at the USFDA Review of Our Generics Studies
Tuesday, 18 January 2022

A report by globalnewswire highlights the growing market for generics, with the generic drugs market in 2020 valued at US$ 390.57 billion expected to cross US$ 574.63 billion by 2030,

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Customer Testimonials and Reviews About our Pharmacovigilance Services
Tuesday, 11 January 2022

30 years ago, we launched more than a pharmacovigilance service. We launched a lifelong commitment to ensuring patient safety across the world.

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Clinical Trials Trends for 2022 that you need to Know
Thursday, 06 January 2022

As we enter 2022, clinical trials continue to forge ahead with the latest innovations and discoveries to ensure transformational healthcare for everyone in need.

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Top 7 Published Articles on Regulatory Services in 2021 That Reveal Deep Domain Knowledge
Monday, 27 December 2021

Our rich legacy of experience and expertise helps us serve as trusted advisors and provide tailored solutions grounded in industry best practices for End-to-End Regulatory Services.

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15+ COVID-19 Clinical Trials Conducted by Navitas Life Sciences to Support the fight against COVID-19
Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Navitas Life Sciences has been successfully supporting the development of therapeutic treatment towards COVID-19 through our multifaceted end to end solution

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10 Reasons to become a NETS Member
Monday, 13 December 2021

Established in 2001, our networks community is the place to discuss trends, insights, and future solutions.

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Flexible Solutions for Gene Therapy Trials: Tailoring Transformative Care
Monday, 06 December 2021

Human Gene therapy is a technique associated with modification or manipulation of gene expression for therapeutic purposes.

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