A network for Heads of Clinical Operations, focused on sharing best practice to define excellence in delivery of clinical trials

Launching Shortly

Navitas is pleased to announce that we will be adding to our portfolio of industry leading networks with the launch of clinicalnet. The network has been formed to meet industry demand to explore new ways to create transformational value from clinical operations.
clinicalnet is a industry discussion forum for clinical operations leaders, focused on improving efficiency and quality of clinical trial management. clinicalnet focuses on how to implement patient-centric trials with a risk-based approach to clinical trial management while incorporating quality by design. clinicalnet aims to move clinical operations from compliance, to improve efficiency and ultimately create value for the organisation.
The forum will provide a platform to engage in peer-peer discussions, network and exchange insights into this new era of clinical operations.

Peer to Peer Network
and Insight Exchange

Discuss and Develop Strategies
and Best Practices

Build Profile and
Industry Voice

Who should participate in clinicalnet?

Leaders within Clinical Operations, Clinical Development, Clinical Data Management

What topics will the clinicalnet forum cover?

The clinicalnet forum will focus on industry hot topics such as quality by design in clinical trial management and Risk Based Monitoring.

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