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Clinical trial management involves substantial quantities of code which may be difficult to navigate, and subsequently might hinder your ability to go to market with your product effectively. At Navitas Data Sciences, we understand the importance of clinical trials data in FDA approvals, and in the need for life-saving drugs. We help you organize, and structure accurate clinical data which will enable your life-saving products to get regulatory approval and reach patients faster. Our CR Toolkit™ enables you to work efficiently with study reports, helping you access your data accurately and consistently.

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CR Toolkit™ transforms your data

Your clinical trial data needs to be transformed into easily understandable drug information, following the strictures of approval and regulatory bodies. This data transformation is a critical step that will pave the way for a faster market availability of your product. As you conduct multiple studies and file for regulatory approvals, there may be changes to your protocol, personnel and reporting requirements. Such changes affect your data, and in turn, the information for your regulatory submissions.
Our CR Toolkit™ enables you to transform data quickly and effectively, enabling you to be compliant and provide a high-quality output. The CR Toolkit™ SAS macro library facilitates preparation of reports conforming to the highest standards. It enables you to assemble and produce consistent reports time after time. You can work with any data structure and content, and it supports CDISC standards (ADaM and SDTM).

CR Toolkit™ Key Benefits

Reduces lines of code & development time by over 50%

Reduces variability by standardizing statistical operations

Enables consistency throughout your programming environment

Streamlines QC process

Adds validation

Case Study: Speed up your trials by efficiently transforming your data

A pharmaceutical company significantly reduced reporting from months to weeks using the CR Toolkit™.
Customer Feedback: “The CR Toolkit™ took our Tables, Listings, and Figures from taking 3-4 months down to 2-3 weeks”

Why choose a CR Toolkit™?

CR Toolkit™ is an innovative system that will help in streamlining the numerous codes in a clinical trial and help in effective reporting of data. With CR Toolkit™ you can design tables quickly and consistently, every time. CR Toolkit™ is 21CFR Part 11 compliant and has been used in numerous clinical studies. It helps in improving productivity, quality and aids in lowering costs and time.

Manual Reporting vs SAS Macro Library (CR Toolkit™)

Non-Standardized Code

When code is developed over time by multiple programmers with varying skill levels, standardization becomes difficult.

Standardized Code

SAS Macros that have been tested by experienced programmers are used with datasets organized in standard formats

Quality Issues

Quality challenges due to tables, listings, and figures generated using non-standard code.

High-Quality Ensured

High-Quality due to efficient review and management of tables, listings, and graphs output by the SAS macro library.


Variability as a result of non-standard code being used by multiple programmers on data in different formats without a unified QC process.


Standardized code and a consistent QC process create macro outputs with higher quality and fewer errors.

Validation Inconsistency

The combination of these issues causes inconsistency in validation of outputs and can put deliverables at risk.

Reliable Validation

The combined result of macro standardization and process control is simplified, with reliable validation process that ensures your deliverables are correct and ready for submission.