Frequency Tables - Event Counts

Event Counts - AE1 Examples

AE1 is used to generate adverse event or other frequency tables displaying frequency and percent of a column group (typically treatment group). Reporting options include:

  • Summarization by one to three row variables
  • One or more By variables are supported
  • Flexible options for collapsed summary (‘Total’) rows
  • Frequencies may be represented as incidence(one count per subject) or total number of records
  • Flexible display of percentages and cells with frequency of 0
  • Ordering of rows by frequency or data. When frequency order is specified a specific column can be assigned to control the ordering of rows.
  • A minimum frequency for display of events may be specified, as a percentage or absolute count
  • ‘Worst case’ summarization is supported to select the highest severity (or other category) of each event type.

Percentages are calculated as a fraction of the number of subjects in a column group. When by variables are used, percentages can be calculated as the fraction of the total number of subjects within a page or across all pages.

MED1 is a copy of the AE1 macro with defaults set for medication data; the functionality of the two macros is the same.