Frequency Tables - Event Counts

Event Counts - AE2 Examples

AE2 creates PROC REPORT adverse event or medication tables displaying frequency and group percent.

The user specifies the parameters to be summarized (up to four values for variable terms) and an optional paging parameter. Counts can be set to report the number of subjects with an adverse event or medication present, or to report the total number of adverse events or medications.

Percentages are generally calculated as a fraction of the COLUMN group. When a PAGEBY variable is used, percentages may be calculated for the N in the COLUMN group across all PAGEBY values, or broken out within PAGEBY groups. See the TOTALN parameter.

The exception to this method for calculating percentages occurs when count=HIGHEST or LOWEST variable and variable is the COLUMN variable. In this case, percentages are calculated as the fraction of the total number of subjects, or as the fraction of subjects within a PAGEBY group if PAGEBY is used and TOTALN=N.

AE2 can generate "collapsed" summary rows for the entire table and within sets of data by using the TOTAL parameter and the TERMS parameter.

To calculate group size and percentages, the dataset passed to AE2 must contain at least one observation for every subject, with a flag variable indicating presence or absence of an adverse event or medication. The default flag variable is AE_YN or RX.