CR Toolkit™ Overview

Producing RTF, PDF, HTML Output with the CR Toolkit

The CR Toolkit supports production of output using any SAS ODS supported file format. In each CR Toolkit call the output format can be assigned with the ODS_DEST parameter. Custom ODS styles defining font, color, page layout and margins are fully supported. The example below shows a DEMOG table produced in RTF. The assignment of ods_dest=rtf2 references a stored ODS RTF statement, the stored ODS statements allow user-specified ODS options and style library references to be used with minimal syntax.

	cvars=dosedays ,
	dvars=random eval tmcomp tmol,

DataCeutics CR Toolkit Sample Report
DEMOG Example 1 in RTF

V:\cr_toolkit\documents\samples\marketing sample_progs\demog1a1.rtf 19JAN2006:15:44