CR Toolkit™ Overview

Titles Driver File

The Titles Driver file is used to specify page format, titles and footnotes and output characteristics. It can be stored as an ASCII file or SAS dataset. A sample is listed below:

program suffix parameter title or footnote
_ALL_ title1 DataCeutics CR Toolkit Sample Reports
ae1 a title2 AE1 Example 1
ae1 footnote1 A Basic AE1 Call
ae1 a footnote2 Counts of Number of Subjects with an Adverse Event
ae1 a the Bird &fn2
ae2 a title2 AE2 Example 1
ae2 a title3 A Basic AE1 Call
ae2 a footnote1 Counts of Number of Subjects with an Adverse Event
demog1 a title2 DEMOG Example 1
demog1 a title3 A Basic DEMOG Call
table3_v6 a title2 TABLE3 without p-values
table3_v6 b title2 TABLE3 with p-values for (Placebo vs 100 mg) and ...
demog_v6 a title2 DEMOG without p-values
demog_v6 b title2 DEMOG with p-values using Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Tests
ae_v6 a title2 AE1 without p-values
ae_v6 b title2 AE1 with Chi Square p-values for Placebo vs 100 mg