Restoring Hope, Child and Community Mobile Medical Team Heads to Beaudois, Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, January 7, 2019 - The mobile medical team from Restoring Hope, Child and Community (RHCC) landed safely in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Saturday. Yesterday, they drove up to the northeast part of Haiti to Beaudois, where Haitian personnel and other volunteers were waiting for them with open arms. The roof of the minibus was packed with supplies and medication, as this annual pilgrimage gets on its way.

"Thank you to all of you who donated money and supplies to make this happen!" says Tom Kratz, President of RHCC. "A special thank you to DataCeutics, who once again donated the funds to distribute micronutrients to families coming to the clinic and more gently used laptops for the school in Beaudois," he continues.

DataCeutics has supported RHCC for several years as a part of their “Get Involved; Be a Part of Our Mission” Program.

DataCeutics has supported RHCC for years, helping underserved children and their families in poor communities. The leaders of DataCeutics have sponsored the micronutrient program in Beaudois, Haiti, once again, by donating much-needed nourishment to the children in the clinic. Micronutrients are mostly vitamins and minerals, and play a crucial role in human nutrition, and they prevent, as well as treat, various diseases. They are important components for healthy physical and mental functioning, especially for young children in their developmental stages. Lack of proper consumption of micronutrients can lead to stunted growth, rickets, scurvy, osteoporosis and a compromised immune system.

RHCC is dedicated to serve the impoverished in this small Haitian community.

RHCC is a small group that grew out of a Christian ministry in Pennsylvania, who have made it their mission to serve Beaudois, a small community high in the mountains of northeast Haiti. The faith family at NorthPointe has been serving in Beaudois over the last several years. In January of 2016, Restoring Child, Hope and Community formed a board of directors and in July of 2016, they received their 501c3 status.

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The RHCC Team heading from Port-au-Prince to Beaudois with their packed minibus.


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