Life Science Analytics Framework (LSAF) provides the ability to have 21 CFR part 11 compliant web-based Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) where studies data can be stored securely with versioning and audit history capabilities. Jobs are a critical part of LSAF environment as programs must be run via jobs. Starting in version 4.7.1, the Run and Populate feature is a new and improved way of creating and running jobs. This paper will present our experiences with creating jobs prior to 4.7.1, the issues we encountered and how Run and Populate resolves these concerns and helps us write efficient jobs reducing the time and resources needed to get our results...Read more...

This paper was co-authored by Greg Weber of DataCeutics and Sonali Garg of Alexion, and presented at this years' PharmaSUG 2018 annual conference in Seattle, WA.


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