Navitas Launches Aviator – Cloud Based Platforms for Oracle Solutions

April 20, 2015, Princeton, New Jersey: Navitas has launched Aviator, a Cloud Based Platform specifically developed to provide a wide range of offerings for life sciences clients.  Aviator supports Regulatory, Clinical and Safety functions by providing an integrated platform enabling seamless flow of data across all applications and into the Clients enterprise.  As part of the Aviator launch Navitas worked closely with Oracle to provide Argus, Life Sciences Data Hub, Data Management Hub and Oracle’s CTMS in the Cloud.

Navitas Develops Accelerators for faster and better implementations of Argus Safety as well as creating the Navitas Life Sciences Data Warehouse Cloud Platform to reduce costs and improve results for Life Science Companies

Navitas, a Gold Partner of Oracle, has developed SafetyReadyTM Accelerators that provide better and faster implementations of Argus Safety. These accelerators come from Navitas’ decades of Pharmacovigilance consulting experience and several years of successful Argus Safety suite implementations. Oracle Argus is a comprehensive pharmacovigilance platform which enables life science manufacturers to make faster and better safety decisions, optimize global compliance, and easily integrate risk management. Oracle Argus provides deep and integrated safety functions that scales to millions of cases and easily aligns with company’s safety and business processes.

Navitas’ experience includes multiple engagements with top 5 pharmaceutical companies along with numerous engagements with smaller companies globally. From implementation, hosting, application and infrastructure support to safety systems support and process outsourcing, Navitas provides clients with improved implementations in less time.

Navitas also developed the Life Sciences Data Warehouse Cloud Platform (DWCP) in partnership with Oracle to help life science companies with research and development. Understanding the market demands of the lower cost of ownership, quick implementation and setups along with a lower risk of maintenance, Navitas blends resources into a Software as a Service (SaaS) package which reduces the overall cost while keeping data available and accessible from anywhere in the world while assuring security and compliance.

Navitas’ DWCP provides scalable study based pricing, a quick delivery cycle (typically 8-12 weeks) and provides a low cost of ownership and maintenance. Utilizing Navitas’ accelerators, the DWCP utilizes Oracles Life Sciences Data Hub, hosted in a regulatory compliant, world class cloud platform that provides scalable storage. It fully integrates with Oracle InForm, provides study and security configurations along with discrepancy management, SFTP data file loading, prebuild mappings and transformations along with a predefined Data Standards Library Management.

The DWCP also takes advantage of Oracle’s Health Sciences Data Management Workbench (DMW) and provides clients with the industry’s only true end – to – end data management solution in a single environment. This accelerates the speed and accuracy of clinical data integration, reconciliation, aggregation, and analysis by reducing time consuming manual processes required to load, transform, and clean trial data.

Navitas helps client’s focus on research and development, improves study and patient data, enables compliance and allows effective decision making. Navitas also handles periodic software updates from Oracle and assures clients systems are running effectively faster to take advantage of new features and functionality. Navitas provides training and application support for end users, along with always on help desk support.

For more information, contact Patrick Mullen at 609 454-7753 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Navitas:

The Navitas team has been assembled bringing together the proven expert teams of TAKE and WCI and, adding to this core, a range of experts from the worlds of Clinical Development, Regulatory, Technology, and Consulting. We have built the Navitas team specifically to deliver insight to our clients, to develop pragmatic solutions together, and to support their deployment and operation. We deliver advice, solutions, and services in Clinical Data Services, Regulatory, Safety, and Content Management. We are proud to have served the sector for over 15 years, working with over 100 top Life Science businesses. The Navitas team consists of over 500 Life Science professionals in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

We pride ourselves in our role as Expert Navigators. Interpreting market and regulatory change; driving collaboration across companies; seeking the simple solution to the complex problem; investing to enable the changes.

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