From fifteen to future – Navitas Networks 15 year anniversary

Navitas industry networks recently celebrated its milestone 15th year of delivering insights and creating dialogue to address industry challenges and benchmark practices...

June 29, 2017 Princeton, New Jersey: Navitas industry networks recently celebrated its milestone 15th year of delivering insights and creating dialogue to address industry challenges and benchmark practices. This landmark occasion was celebrated with a tremendously successful industry event attended by 85 industry leaders from over 35 companies representing PV, Labeling and Regulatory.

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A paradigm shift – an opportunity to pause and think out of the box, an insightful and memorable day -- Guest
Thanks so much for the opportunity to contribute to the dialogue that is elevating patient safety -- Guest
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The event also held speaker sessions by some of the industry’s most respected thought leaders speaking on topics like.

  • A reflection on the most significant PV shifts in the past 15 years and how future shifts might transform the very notion of patient safety, renewing the need for rapid transformation and greater collaboration amid a shifting stakeholder landscape
  • A forecast of global changes across society and healthcare and an exploration of a set of potential scenarios for the healthcare industry at large
  • An exploration of how industry and regulators can collaborate to reform and align policy and practice in a world of digitally enhanced health models
  • A look into the perspective of ‘the patient’ and an examination of how CMO’s can prepare for the future
  • A look into how the digital era may transform the world of PV and beyond
  • An exploration emerging technologies and their applications in healthcare

Throughout the day common themes emerged from our speakers and amongst our guests

  • Digital is here…..and happening now, rethink tools & skills
  • The shift to value – across stakeholder groups
  • Industry and Regulatory interaction will greatly increase
  • Patient focus – build in value, bridge internal / external world
  • Convergence of science, social and spiritual, across areas
  • Pillars for future success:
  • Building (intelligent) connections, networks & collaborations
  • Applying intelligence/wisdom (beyond knowledge)
  • Leveraging data – for insights and data driven outcomes

The renaissance leader – CMO, PV, Labeling

View our timeline here that plots prominent events and facts from 2001 to 2032

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About Navitas Life Sciences

Navitas Life Sciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of TAKE Solutions, works as a strategic partner for large and mid-sized Life Sciences organizations to address critical challenges and achieve desired outcomes in Clinical, Regulatory and Safety. Navitas’ technology-led Life Sciences services are augmented with the full-service CRO with Clinical & BA/BE capabilities, and Life Sciences data analytics expertise of legacy brands Ecron Acunova and Intelent to deliver flexible, scalable and innovative solutions for its global clients.

Navitas Life Sciences’ expertise spans more than 1300 studies including BA/BE, NIS, and phase II – IV, and 70,000 regulatory submissions. The company’s unique proprietary network forums that include 300+ professionals from 100+ life sciences companies generate insights that help members prepare for the future of the industry. Navitas Life Sciences seamlessly combining best-in-class processes, meaningful and unique industry insight, innovative technology, exacting analytics and a customer-centric culture. For more information, visit