Operations and Capacity Modeling

Successfully managing global operations and capacity in local organizations

Ensuring the appropriate level of safety resource at every affiliate can be challenging. It can be further complicated by organizational changes such as mergers and acquisitions or changes in resourcing strategies such as off-/onshoring or outsourcing. These changes typically not only introduce resource changes, but also modify activities performed by local stakeholders as well. To ensure ongoing oversight of responsibilities and activities performed by resources critical to the success of a global pharmacovigilance system, Navitas Life Sciences provides a toolkit to support the assessment, analysis and performance of affiliates.

What the analysis includes

Standardized questionnaires covering:

  • Current resourcing patterns, models and capabilities
  • Activities required by regulators and corporate standards or expected as common industry practice
  • Interfaces and involvement of internal and external parties
  • Productivity and Utilization index benchmarked against industry

Benefits – how Navitas can help

  • Development of resource models aligned to current and future business strategy
  • Forecasts and resource planning
  • Utilization analysis and apability assessment
  • Implementation of dashboards enabling ongoing global monitoring


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