Are you Challenged in Meeting the PV Requirements for Your Business?

Whether you have known compliance or efficiency issues, or lack a robust PV system to support your growth projections, the PV Rapid Assessment will pinpoint gaps and provide a clear roadmap to a fit - for - purpose, cost- effective solution.

Navitas Life Sciences Provides an Integrated Approach Leading to Impactful Results

The PV Rapid Assessment evaluates the current state of the systems used in PV from a people, process and technology perspective. Once completed, it provides a focused strategic roadmap for implementing/augmenting PV operations within large and mid-size pharma companies, as well as micro and small biotech/pharma companies


  • Comprehensive assessment report summarizing current state PV organization, processes and technology, including identified compliance and process gaps
  • Recommendations for fit-for-purpose improvements that ensure regulatory compliance
  • Strategic implementation roadmap to achieve PV business objectives
end-to-end pv optimization


  • Establish a roadmap to achieving more efficiency and greater business value
  • Understand PV System compliance gaps and effectively respond to Health Authority inspection findings
  • Leverage sector best practice and Navitas experience
  • Provide basis for budget allocation decision-making with regard to PV System improvements

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