PV Technology Assessment

Effectively Automate PV Activities

How do I Effectively Automate my PV Activities?

PV continues to face challenges in an environment of static headcount compounded by a scarcity of capable resources
  • ICSR volumes continue to increase
  • Changing regulatory requirements result in additional workload – e.g., EudraVigilance 8.0
  • Emerging GVP-like requirements around the world require similar but different documents for submission to local regulators
  • Difficulty in achieving robust oversight with information scattered across systems and across functions

Navitas Life Sciences Provides an Integrated Approach Leading to Impactful Results

  • Survey of technology landscape to understand IT systems, level of integration, and identify functionality that could be used to automate PV processes
  • Leverage best practices from our industry networks pvnet / pvconnect / pvtech
  • Explore how technologies such as cognitive computing can be piloted to achieve further efficiency gains
  • Comprehensive assessment report summarizing current state of your PV technology benchmarked against industry best practices
  • Recommendations and Technology Roadmap to achieving a compliant, high-performing PV System
  • IT Business Case for senior management describing near-term and long-term benefits from implementing the Technology Roadmap
  • Achieve more with your existing team through streamlined processes and systems
  • Maximize value from existing technology investments
  • Enable improved visibility and compliance across functions
  • Future-readiness to support company growth and meet evolving regulatory requirements

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