The Boswick Conference

The theme of the Boswick Symposium is burn injury, its care and rehabilitation research. According to Paul Glat, M.D., Coordinator of this year's John A. Boswick Burn Symposium, attendance was slightly up with a total of about 125 registered.

Our group representing the SPIRIT FUND ( presented on Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) for Scar Research which was something completely new. Dr. Sigrid Blome-Eberwein, a surgeon who specializes in scar treatment with Lehigh Valley Burn Center, and member of the SPIRIT FUND, had initially thought it might behoove our team to pursue this agenda with the FDA. The Symposium was an opportunity to present our initial research and ask for feedback from those who attended our luncheon. By the looks of the presentation evaluations, Dr. Eberwein was spot on as there is a lot of interest in case study reviews of previously approved ODD products, including understanding the process taken by previous applicants seeking ODD.

Another topic our group presented on was the Affordable Care Act (ACA') Sunshine Act. Mr. Zach Meyers, Esq., traveling with the SPIRIT FUND, spoke and educated the audience on certain key aspects of the Sunshine Act.

"We felt we made a valuable contribution to educating a key constituency on relevant issues not otherwise addressed at this conference. We added value by expanding on issues identified last year and bringing an authoritative subject expert to clarify misconceptions regarding legal mandates," added Matthew Ferdock, CEO of DataCeutics and President of the SPIRIT FUND.

Andrew Ferdock, a member of the SPIRIT FUND Team from Pennsylvania, presented on e-cigarettes and the harm caused by this product. Well-known physicians, surgeons, and business owners from the field of burn/scar medicine were given an informative presentation from Andy, a BS student having done research on E-Cig burns, an emerging phenomenon in need of regulation.

Daniel Dillard, the Executive Director & CEO of Burn Prevention Network (Burn, part of the SPIRIT FUND entourage said, "The team was very enthusiastic about this year's conference. For us, it is a chance to meet directly with persons who treat burns every day and business leaders who develop new treatments and products for burn medicine. The team has been preparing for almost all of last year for this conference and it was great seeing all that hard work come together and be so well received by the burn community."

The SPIRIT FUND team will follow up with the conference attendees on their progress to move burns through the ODD and solicit their input and help along the way. We also plan on developing our web site as a resource for physicians and business leaders who wish to navigate the murky waters of the ACA's Sunshine Act when trying to fund new research.