Jan 19, 2018:

Closing the 2017 calendar year, during October and November, Navitas Life Sciences held our unique Autumn Forums across our family of networks – pvnet®, pvconnect®, pvtech®, pvindia®, labelnet®, and rimnet®.

Over 7 days we hosted 246 members, including 7 guests, at 11 forums, in 3 countries. The forums addressed 3 disciplines – Pharmacovigilance, Labelling, and Regulatory Information Management (RIM) and saw some 20 member case studies presented.

  • London – 92 attendees from 63 companies
  • Mumbai – 21 attendees from 12 companies
  • New York – 133 attendees from 68 companies

Overall forum satisfaction ratings indicate that our agendas remain both relevant and focused on the key topics of interest.

Of particular note, our labelnet® forum hit a new record with 81 participants from 28 companies attending in London and New York. Discussions very much focussed around the theme of ‘Balancing compliance, efficiency, and creating strategic value’. We are seeing that top strategic priorities and operational challenges continue to centre around end-to-end labelling implementation and technology deployment with a strong strategic focus on labelling strategy whilst managing content and maintaining quality.

The rimnet® forums sparked a great interest with 25 members and 3 guests participating in London and New York. Discussions were concentrated around the themes of Data Quality and RIM Governance with members completing a maturity map. Top strategic priorities remain the RIM Business case and RIM Technology, with key operational challenges centred around RIM implementation and technology deployment.

At the pvnet®, forums, we continued our exploration of PV transformation, a topic that remains of primary importance for Heads of Safety. Following 5 case studies with different perspectives on definitions, drivers and implementation, we discussed the levers for success and the next steps required for leaders to create the PV of the future. We also explored patient engagement, and investigated how the patient voice can be embedded in both strategy and operations through mapping opportunities for value-adding patient touchpoints.

At pvconnect®, we also examined drivers of PV change, considering how regulatory and political changes, as well as portfolio decisions, can impact PV. Participants analysed the factors that facilitated or blocked positive change in recent real-life examples, and we highlighted the importance of internal capabilities and strong team working for a successful outcome. We considered methods of ensuring that PV departments deliver compliance, efficiency and value today and in the future, concluding that harmonisation, consolidation of regulatory information and people-focused automation could play key roles in the journey ahead.

The pvindia® discussions focussed on navigating the changing regulatory and technology landscape, discussing the latest developments and impact of the PVGI guidelines, regulations impacting technology (e.g. E2B R3) and emerging technologies with strong impact on Pharmacovigilance of the future.

Spring, 2018 Forum Dates

Network London New York Mumbai
pvnet® 5thJune 12thJune -
pvconnect® 5thJune 14thJune -
pvtech® 6thJune 13th June -
pvindia® N/A N/A 07 March
labelnet® 7thJune 14thJune -
rimnet® 5thJune 12thJune -


For further information, or to enquire about any of our networks please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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