Jul 04, 2017:

Throughout June Navitas hosted our unique Spring Network Forums across the family of networks – pvconnect, pvnet, pvtech, labelnet and rimnet. We also featured a technology showcase in London for our labelnet and rimnet communities.

  • 290 attendees from 50 companies
  • 10 Forums across two locations – London and New York
  • Overall satisfaction rate from attendees of 89% across all forums
  • Disciplines: Pharmacovigilance, Labeling and RIM
  • 30 member case studies
  • Emerging hot topics across our networks include:
  • The search for novel and effective technology solutions to enable automation, integration and analytics
  • The patient moves to centre stage …..with discussions on how to bring and embed the patient voice into core PV, labeling and regulatory processes
  • Capacity and resource challenges continue as a recurring theme, driving our members to share ideas on new and effective resources models and solutions
  • The shift to value – is top of mind, with transformation agendas and emergent capability requirements a priority strategic focus.
  • Technology showcase
  • 47 attendees from both labelnet and rimnet communities
  • a wide array of pilots covered with 3 main topic area and 7 presentations
  • Some key hot topics emerging:
  • Integration across tools
  • Content: SCM, translations, Q, archiving
  • Workflow, reporting and metrics
  • And some additional questions that still need to be addressed
  • How to get affiliate buy in?
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Vendor solutions for industry vs what they sell?
  • How to build a business case for investment

Autumn Forum dates

Network London New York
pvnet 7th November 14th November
pvconnect 9th November 16th November
pvtech 8th November 15th November (Technology Showcase)
labelnet 8th November 15th November
rimnet 7th November 14th November
pvindia 14th September


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