December, 2018

Throughout November 2018, Navitas Life Sciences hosted a series of forum meetings in London and New York across our portfolio of industry leading networks – pvnet, pvconnect, pvtech, labelnet, labelconnect, labeltech and rimnet. We were also excited to host our first ever cross-network event with 5 industry speakers and 5 case studies presented at each location. In summary the highlights include:

  • 292 member participants, representing 60+ life sciences companies and 8 guest organisations
  • Latest industry thinking and future trends with benchmark data ensured a rich dialogue across all our meetings – experience sharing , networking, case studies, soundbites, inputs, live questions, and debate; with an average 91% member satisfaction rating
  • 5 new ‘Insight Briefs’ were shared with the membership addressing: RIM, PSP, PV Automation, RoW Regulations, and Labeling IT
  • Emerging hot topics across our networks include:
    • Strategies to leverage Automation, Analytics, AI, Apps, etc. to gear up for the digital era
    • The future workforce, capability shifts, and how to build agile work models
    • Patient health and focus – remains the central strand that drives process, decision making, and technology investment
    • Sourcing strategies and vendor partnering – an evergreen topic, that continues to evolve amid technology shifts and capacity constraints
    • RoW regulations and regulatory intelligence – how to scan, filter, and adapt to the ever-shifting and increasingly diverse regulatory requirements
    • The Shift to value stays top of mind, examining how to satisfy a more complex, demanding and diverse stakeholder landscape

Our first ever cross-networks event triggered lively debate, the agenda included a deep dive and exploration of emerging technologies in Pharma and beyond. A range of industry ‘use cases’ were presented and explored highlighting:

  • Automation is already adopted in PV and beyond – primary use in case processing has gone from 5hrs to 6 secs!
  • 30 ways to engage a patient. Mobile technologies piloted with patients - not yet fully adopted and likely to rise
  • RIM implementation example in play too – with speed, integration and efficiency benefits to be realised

Our industry leading array of speakers, provided the foundation for learning and fresh perspectives for over 200 PV and Regulatory network members, with many questions answered and ideas generated, with some shared challenges still to be addressed, notably:

  • Cross functional Boundaries are blurring – driven by patients, technology advances, and Regulators
  • AI is everywhere, powers many services and industries today, but is yet to be realised in pharma
  • Regulators are collaborating with industry to progress the promise of AI in PV
  • AI or not, key principles still apply, including QMS, Audits, and training
  • Further issues to be considered: Black box, IP, validation, and time to learn

We are delighted to be able to share our calendar of network forums for Spring, 2019.

Network London New York
Spring Forums 2019
pvnet 21 May, 2019 04 June, 2019
pvconnect 22 May, 2019 06 June, 2019
pvtech 21 May, 2019 05 June, 2019
labelnet 23 May, 2019 05 June, 2019
labelconnect 23 May, 2019 05 June, 2019
labeltech 24 May, 2019 06 June, 2019
rimnet 22 May, 2019 04 June, 2019
cmonet: Invitation only event 29 January, 2019 at GSK offices in Philadelphia, USA
pvindia 06 March, 2019 in Mumbai, India

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