3 Signs of Intelligent Clinical Trials

The rise in healthcare costs spirals down into a subsequent rise in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of every country, forcing stakeholders to scrutinize the benefits of new treatments. Clinical trials that are designed to test the safety and efficacy of new treatments are fraught with challenges like rising costs and longer time to market. There is an increasing need for clinical trials to be conducted efficiently and to benefit the target population.

A growing demand for improved quality and quantity of evidence has also resulted in complex clinical trials that generate a large amount of data. Navitas Life Sciences has been able to emerge successfully, leveraging intelligent technology to manage such factors that continue to shape the landscape of the clinical trial industry.

3 Signs of Intelligent Clinical Trials

40% of the research budget of pharmaceutical companies are afforded to clinical trials, forcing companies to focus on common diseases, and driving drug costs. This also spills over into affecting lifesaving treatments from reaching the market, and leaves patients with few treatment options.

At Navitas Life Sciences we utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital solutions to conduct efficiently run clinical trials that help to effectively bring drugs to the market sooner.

1)Consistent Data Collection and High-quality Data Insights: There is effective capture of data, at every stage of the clinical trial, which is utilized for near real-time data insights.

High quality Data captured at Source

Near real-time information about protocol adherence

Unbiased and consistent Patient health report

Navitas Data Sciences provides state-of-the-art Clinical Data Management services under a functional-service provider (FSP) model or a project-based contract. Our highly experienced Data Managers offer their expertise to guide you towards the best solution.

We cater to your unique needs with our sophisticated systems and global delivery models. Our teams are available onsite, global, or a combination, depending on your short and long-term objectives.

2) Effective Clinical Trial Management with Near Real-Time Data Insights:

The inclusion of edge technology in clinical trials is no longer an addition but, rather, it is an indispensable aspect of a clinical trial. Pharma companies continue to change the landscape of the healthcare industry and at Navitas Life Sciences we support their vision as market leaders with proven insights that inform decision making.

The main drivers of clinical trial efficiency have been advancements in technology. Clinical trials benefit immensely from our intelligent, cloud-enabled, clinical analytics platform, which is proven to deliver near real-time, high-quality data. Our OneClinical® platform enables end to end clinical trial data management, data visualization, analytics, monitoring and submission services. Proven across a variety of global trials, the platform offers short setup time with low fixed costs and provides global accessibility with near real-time data analytics and visualizations.

3) Seamless collaboration for Adaptive Clinical trials

Although clinical research has been affected across the world, our business continuity systems include measures and processes that govern the operational aspects of clinical trials for seamless delivery. From custom organizing capabilities, to rapidly mobilizing resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing and new clinical studies have been effectively supported from the start.

Highlights of our End-to End support for Novel COVID-19 Therapy

Regulatory insights aided proposal approval

  • Documentation for submission to health authorities in 2 weeks
  • Phase I study DCG(I) approval guidance
  • First Subject Initiation in 3 weeks from DCG(I) approval
  • Adherence to timelines and cost
  • Near Real-time data insights for efficient clinical trial

Highlights of our End-to-End support for Oncology Clinical Trial

Limited in-person visits Use of telemedicine for non-complex procedures such as laboratory check-ups

  • Use of digital and online platforms for improved engagement with participants
  • Alternate transportation organized for home-site and site-home travels
  • Protocol designed to suit the needs of the patient
  • Data-driven strategy to maximize recruitment potential

The Clinical trial industry is at a tipping point where the adoption of advanced technologies has helped in running efficient clinical trials. Navitas Life Sciences has worked towards improving patient experience, and embedded patient centricity while developing and adapting clinical trials to transform the clinical trial landscape. Our ability to think differently, rapidly mobilize resources and draw on enhanced governance skills, collaborations and partnerships have helped speed life saving drugs to the market, intelligently.