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With increasing scrutiny from Regulatory Authorities, the explosion of data, patient empowerment, and dramatic shifts in both industry and technology, there is a need for the industry to continuously transform. Regulatory professionals are required to maintain compliance across diverse global regulatory requirements, to balance a rising workload amid increasing resource constraints while, at the same time, leveraging new tools and big data as the speed of MAA approvals and access for patients accelerates. Our Regulatory networks community brings leaders together to discuss trends and insights, and helps to build future solutions.

Our Industry-Leading Regulatory Networks Include

A network for Heads of Labeling of top 30 life sciences companies, investing in thought leadership to help shape future practices
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A network for Labeling IT Professionals and Business Leads focused on exploring End-to-End Labeling technologies to improve business processes and increase business value
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A network for Business and Technology Leaders to collaborate on best practices and leading-edge solutions for Regulatory Information Management
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A network for Safety, Regulatory, and Labeling leaders from pharma and medical technology companies to partner and shape NextGen Device and Combination Product Safety
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Aimed at life sciences industry professionals, our family of Regulatory networks provides an independent community for business leaders facing similar challenges. Our peer-to-peer networks enable members to exchange insights, compare performance, and debate strategies to tackle any issues they may be facing. Each network has a focused and evolving agenda designed to meet the latest industry challenges.

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