Regulatory Industry Networks

Bringing together Regulatory Affairs Leaders to discuss trends and key issues, identify practical solutions and stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges

Our Industry Networks Include


A network for Regulatory Information Management professionals to develop best practices and leading-edge solutions for RIM


A network for labeling professionals; focused on the full lifecycle of labeling


For Labeling Leaders of companies with a specific focus on operational aspects of the full lifecycle of End-to-End labeling


For Regulatory or Labeling IT Professionals; focused on exploring End-to-End Labeling technologies to improve processes and increase business value

17+ years of Bringing the Industry together on a Common Platform

Increasing scrutiny from Regulatory Authorities, the explosion of data, patient empowerment and dramatic shifts in industry and technology, are driving the need for industry to continuously transform. Regulatory professionals are now required to maintain compliance across diverse global regulatory requirements, to balance rising workload amid increasing resource constraints, whilst also leveraging new tools and big data, and accelerating the speed of MAA approvals and access for patients.

Our Network Communities Discuss Trends, Develop Insights, & Build Future Solutions

Regulatory and labeling leaders are faced with similar challenges. labelnet and rimnet provide a platform for professionals to network, debate, compare performance, and share ideas on how to tackle these latest hot issues and develop best practices. The last five years of benchmarking have established a body of competitive intelligence that is unique to the industry: it allows pharmaceutical organizations to evaluate their comparative performance in a confidential setting.

Be part of our global labeling and RIM networks with exclusive access

  • Receive benchmark information to compare and measure operational and organizational performance
  • Gain access to the latest insights through webcasts, think tanks, white papers and community exchange
  • Leverage our secure collaboration tool and resource hub with the latest documented insights
Future proof your RIM and end-to-end labeling processes and systems, engage with global peers and compare and improve your performance

Key Impact Gained by Leveraging Distinctive Regulatory Networks

  • Understand internal and external factors shaping
  • Learn from peers - closed group exchange experience
  • A neutral platform / sounding board for Regulatory leaders facing similar challenges to network, debate & share ideas
  • Be part of industry leading community groups to shape and develop the future of Labeling and RIM
  • Compare / measure your E2E Performance against peers, Use data to identify priority improvement opportunities
  • Build future strategies to boost compliance, enhance performance and build the value of your function

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