Powering intelligent Clinical Trials from Russia – Insights from our Head of Russian Operations, Natalya Volkova
Monday, 12 April 2021

Navitas Life Sciences rapidly mobilized its digital resources during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the smooth transition into remote work.

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3 Signs of Intelligent Clinical Trials
Monday, 05 April 2021

The rise in healthcare costs spirals down into a subsequent rise in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of every country, forcing stakeholders to scrutinize

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Here’s How We Define Pharmacovigilance Services and Help Build Efficient Systems
Monday, 29 March 2021

Pharmacovigilance (PV) is fundamental to the pharmaceutical industry, and it continues to grow in size, with new challenges and inclusions for safety reporting.

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Key Regulatory Trends to look out for in 2021
Monday, 22 March 2021

The Global Regulatory Management system was valued at US$ 797.2 million in 2018, with a projected yearly CAGR of nearly 14% from 2019 to 2027.

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Here’s How Navitas Life Sciences is Future Proofing Clinical Trials
Monday, 15 March 2021

There have been significant strides in health care innovation, with a better understanding of underlying biology and identification

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Strengthening Women’s Healthcare with a Focus on Women’s Health Issues
Monday, 08 March 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic provided a glimpse of how important health and associated healthcare is, to individuals in particular,

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Complexity and Relevance of Data Management and Analysis explained by Paul Gilbert, Chief Operating Officer, Navitas Data Sciences
Wednesday, 03 March 2021

Digital innovation has been revolutionizing clinical trials, and has made virtual trials possible. A critical element and driver has been

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Expert insights about COVID-19 Vaccines by Dr.Ayaaz Hussain Khan, Global Head, Generics
Monday, 22 February 2021

There are decisive signs to show, for the first time, that the world is taking an upper hand in the fight against COVID-19,

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Insights from Our Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance Expert - A Conversation with Marty Boom
Monday, 15 February 2021

In 2020, the value of the global regulatory affairs outsourcing market size was 6.3 billion,

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Future ready workforce for post COVID decentralized clinical trials
Monday, 08 February 2021

The vaccines that are being steadily rolled out across the globe have raised significant hopes of the pandemic reaching a turning point.

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