Euglycemic Clamp

Specialized support for Biosimiliar Insulin Studies

Navitas Life Sciences has extensive experience and expertise to carry out state of the art Euglycemic clamp studies, the gold standard for assessing insulin sensitivity in humans. `The euglycemic clamp studies measure the glucose-lowering effect of biosimilar insulin compounds using a variable glucose infusion rate (GIR).

Navitas Life Sciences has substantial resources and capabilities to support biosimilars companies in bringing effective anti-diabetic therapies rapidly to the market.

Benefit from the Extensive Resources and Study Capabilities
  • Expertise in ensuring precise euglycemic glucose clamp technique
  • Constant safety monitoring of subjects during the conduct of the study
  • Extensive instrumentation for analysis, including Glucose analyzers, ECLIA analyzers, highly sensitive triple quad mass spectrophotometer
  • Validated methods for estimation of Insulin /analogs /metabolites
  • Analytical platforms like Ligand binding assays, chromatographic assays
  • Rigorous data analysis
  • Expertise to overcome complexities of large molecule Insulin being water soluble
Leverage our Study experience to market your drug faster

We have In-depth domain expertise to identify challenges and provide effective solutions to mitigate risk, ensuring successful outcomes. As your strategic partner, we remain committed to delivering efficiently while adhering to all milestones, as a reliable extension of your team.

Gain from our extensive study experience
  • Regular Insulin Human, 30 Iu per Ml /Isophane Suspension 70 Iu per Ml
  • Subcutaneous Doses of Insulin Glargine Injection
  • Biphasic Isophane Insulin 30/70 Injection 200 Iu
  • Soluble Insulin Injection R 40 Iu/Ml
Stellar Euglycemic Clamp Studies Catered to your Compound’s Unique needs

Navitas Life Sciences is a globally known center for clinical research, with the unique capability to structure resources based on the needs of the compound.  With us, you get a dedicated team to coordinate every aspect of your clinical trial, using intelligent monitoring solutions, effective project design support and guidance through the evolving regulatory landscape to deliver high quality outcomes that advance your product to the market faster.


Take your biosimilar insulin first to the market

At Navitas, we understand the complexities of biosimilar insulin and have vast experience and technical know-how, along with superlative equipment to get your drug to the market first!

Euglycemic Clamp Studies

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Supporting Studies on Drugs for Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that is characterized by high blood glucose levels, which may lead to serious damages to kidneys, heart, eyes and nerves. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and it occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin.

According to The World Health Organization, 400+ million people are affected by Diabetes across the globe, with the prediction that it could become the 7th leading cause of death by 2030. A large number of diabetes drugs are also coming off patent, bringing focus onto biosimilar insulin clinical research

Navitas Life Sciences let you stay in control of your clinical research, while we support your needs as a flexible, consistent and scalable partner.  

Diabetes Infographic

Find out some of the key facts about diabetes, the drugs that treat it that are coming off patent and how Navitas Life Sciences can help you get to market with your replacements faster.