Medical Imaging Services

Over 15 Years of Expertise in Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging in clinical trials provides sponsors the key advantage of quick visual confirmation of drug efficacy, thus significantly reducing the time, risk and cost associated with clinical trials. Hence, Medical Imaging is fast emerging as a critical endpoint for a variety of clinical trials across several therapeutic coverages, especially Oncology, Musculoskeletal and Neurology.

To best leverage imaging endpoints, sponsors require a partner who provides high quality, accurate data analysis, through validated systems to ensure compliance. Success of imaging endpoints is a result of ensuring imaging experts are backed by validated technology solutions to provide seamless support to sponsors throughout the trial.

  • highlycustomizable

    Highly Customizable Workflows

  • validatedindependentreads

    Validated Independent Reads

  • fullregulatorycompliance

    Full Regulatory Compliance

  • seamlessintegration

    Seamless Integration

Navitas Life Sciences Delivers Better Outcomes for Clinical Trials Imaging

With over 15 years of experience in Medical Imaging, Navitas’ Medical Imaging Service provides high quality outcomes that speed up your global phase I - IV clinical trial with best-in-class tracking and evaluation of study images in all common modalities including Site and CRA training.

Selection of Modalities

  • ct


  • petct

    PET CT

  • mri


  • xray


  • mammography


  • photo


  • ultrasound


  • spect


Our highly qualified and experienced team of imaging experts, backed by our proprietary technology, deliver the full range of clinical trials imaging services, including study planning, setup, conduct, and central independent review including safety and efficacy for primary and secondary endpoints. Backed by a large pool of board certified expert reviewers, we ensure reliable, high-quality outcomes for sponsors.

Therapeutic Coverage

  • oncology


  • neuro


  • neurovasculardiseases


  • muscoluskeletaldiseases


Our Imaging Lab has continuously grown to unite competence in classical clinical research with comprehensive, in-house expertise. Thus, we offer a seamless handling interface with one-stop analysis of imaging and clinical data in integrated clinical trials. We provide sponsors the benefit of superior image and data quality, a high degree of flexibility and customization, and validated and audited systems and technology.

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