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Quality by design and a risk-based approach are imperative to the success of clinical trials. An effective clinical trial demands a deep understanding of how to identify and mitigate risks from start to finish; how to identify the right parameters to drive trial progress and stay patient-centric; and how to set up trial endpoints to ensure a meaningful study.

The operational success and the long term impact of a clinical trial depends on the ability to deliver high-quality data, quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, it has become essential to leverage trial data using analytics to drive better informed outcomes.

To ensure a meaningful trial, Sponsors require reliable partners with deep domain expertise. Partners who can handle large-scale global testing. Partners a well stratified patient and volunteer pool, and successful recruitment and retention solutions. Partners who have invested in cutting edge technology to deliver timely, actionable intelligence. Partners who have setup harmonized systems and processes to ensure the highest levels of quality and compliance at every step. To ensure a meaningful trial, Sponsors require a partner who delivers outcomes.

Navitas Life Sciences Provides a Full Range Clinical Trials Services and Solutions

With 1300+ studies under our belt, across a wide range of therapeutic areas, we have partnered with over 100 innovator and generics sponsors to drive outcomes for Life Sciences. Our Clinical Trials services are powered by OneClinical, our intelligent, cloud-enabled clinical analytics platform that delivers near real-time, high-quality data and optimizes clinical trials.

Our global workforce of domain experts is attuned to the latest industry trends, contributing significant subject matter expertise to develop clinical development strategy and guide successful clinical trials. This is bolstered by our audit-ready infrastructure, skilled and experienced delivery team, and industry-specific technology platforms that ensure compliance, enhance efficiencies and reduce cost.

Expertise Across Multiple Therapeutic Areas

Our Clinical Trials Services are

  • consulting


    We leverage insights derived from our years of experience, domain expertise and networks to drive outcomes for clinical trials sponsors

  • global


    We ensure global delivery, with local accountability

  • compliant


    We ensure that our infrastructure, systems and processes are compliant with the most stringent regulatory standards

  • outcomes-oriented


    Our innovative, proprietary technology OneClinical enables effective and efficient, risk-based, quality management of clinical trials

Our Clinical Trials Services are Powered by OneClinical

Our OneClinical technology platform drives successful outcomes for global trials by ensuring better trial oversight at subject/site/country/study levels, delivering high-quality data in near real-time, enabling faster decision making and minimizing risks to trial success.

  • global-trials-management

    Global Trials Management

  • better-oversight

    Better Oversight

  • near-real-time-data

    Near Real-time Data

  • informed-decisions

    Informed Decisions

  • minimized-risk

    Minimized Risk

  • successful-outcomes

    Successful Outcomes

Designed for and delivered via cloud and in compliance with regulatory and data privacy requirements, OneClinical provides end to end clinical trial data management, data visualization, analytics, monitoring and submission services. Proven across a variety of global trials, the cloud platform offers short setup time with low fixed costs, and provides global accessibility with near real-time-time data analytics and visualizations. Beyond monitoring, OneClinical also provides Site Payments, Study Budget Scenario Planning, Interactive Contracts and Payments dashboards.

Powered by modern technology architectures, OneClinical provides quality by design, effective oversight of trials and actionable insights through comprehensive data visualization. OneClinical reduces source data verification through industry standards driven central, remote and risk based monitoring, and enables Data Review, Query Reconciliation and Management through a configurable workflow based solution.

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