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Navitas Life Sciences has adapted effectively to the evolving environment to rapidly mobilize insight driven End-to-End clinical trials solutions to take your COVID-19 product to successful outcomes.

Navitas Life Sciences

is named as a Major Contender
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Clinical Development Platforms Products
PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

Navitas Life Sciences are proud to be supporting and driving COVID-19 therapeutic treatment clinical trials

Clinical Trials covering Novel NCEs, Existing Drugs, and Vaccines
Navitas Life Sciences is a preferred partner for small, moderate and large pharma companies and has supported 15+ COVID-19 clinical trials till date.

Adapting to the uncertain COVID-19 environment with Experience and Expertise

Since February, Navitas Life Sciences has tapped into its wide-ranging expertise and experience to quickly mobilize its clinical trials services to support Government and commercial sponsors in addressing safety and efficacy of new COVID-19 products.
As a global Life Sciences company with 30+ years of experience in conducting full service clinical trials, we have the capability to be your preferred partner. Our expertise in vaccine and infectious disease, and our customized, flexible, and scalable engagement models, help in delivering integrated services and outcomes for your COVID-19 products.

Flexible COVID-19 Clinical Trials Measures to ensure Success

The Traditional study designs need to be supported effectively using real time information to manage the COVID-19 trials, assessing all sources of information. Some of the support provided includes

  • Statistical analysis with comparator analysis
  • Interim analysis to ensure data quality
  • Adaptive Trial Design to capture variation in patient sample size
  • Proactive risk management to effectively manage clinical trials, minimizing disruption
  • Remote monitoring of trials to ensure patient safety

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