How Navitas Life Sciences is attracting more women to pursue a career in supporting Global Public Health

As a Clinical Research Organization (CRO), Navitas Life Sciences has been taking profound steps to support better care and treatment for patients with wide ranging illnesses. Our ability to unravel the biological complexity in diseases and support clinical trials for better therapy, with resilience and agility, has brought in newer perspectives.

According to a McKinsey report, nearly half of the degrees earned in science and engineering are by women. However, they constitute less than 20% of people involved in such fields. At Navitas Life Sciences, we provide a great platform for the right talent to excel. It is heartening that 42% of the Navitas Life Sciences team are female.


Here are four ways Navitas Life Sciences provides the right platform for women to transition to a career in sciences. In celebration of the recently marked United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we took to asking our colleagues why they enjoy working in science and just what it means to them. Read on to see what they had to say.

1) Fulfillment of their need to support the development of critical therapy: Many people enter the scientific field or a career in research in a bid to support improved therapy, due to personal stories associated with specific diseases. It could have been family, friends, or anyone else who was affected which instills a desire to work towards a better cure.

Navitas Life Sciences has worked on multiple clinical trials to support improved care, and there are many women who continue to offer diligent support to improve global healthcare.

The power of wanting to make a difference to global healthcare helps our team stay resolute in their quest for faster market access for vital therapies.

“My father had his first heart attack when I was 13 and when I was 17 he had a 10 hour open heart surgery at a time when there were only 6 physicians in the country performing open heart surgeries. From then on, I was always interested in medicine but didn’t think I had the academic "chops" to succeed and I didn’t have anyone to encourage me. I was working as an office manager in a neurology office when the PI urged me to train as a study coordinator and that was it, I was hooked. Almost 30 years later I’ve had a wonderful career.”
Betsy Knight
Senior Clinical Research Associate; Clinical Research Manager

“I always wanted to be a scientist because there is a finite delight to compare to that of discovery. Science involves in every aspect of our lives. As a female scientist, I can explore the world with a new approach, make fascinating discoveries and develop scientific innovations that improve the lives of others, and I am proud of it”.
Greeshma Bhaskaran
Manager - Clinical Laboratory

“I have always been passionate about the need for and proper conduct of clinical research. What we do helps individuals and humanity as a whole.”
Alexandra Mesiti, CCRA
Senior Clinical Research Associate

As a Pharmacovigilance professional working for the safety of patients, I feel proud. Working in science, I don’t just want to know the names of drugs, but I want to understand how they work.”
Sridivya Palacharla
Associate Manager, PV

“Involvement to make a difference in the society afflicted with disease, both common and rare, by integrity and zeal towards cure is what I love about being a researcher.”
Dr. Janet Dsouza
Clinical Project Manager

“I love being a researcher, because it gives me satisfaction knowing that my contribution towards the discovery or development of drugs makes a difference in the lives of patients, or a change in the world!”
Karuna Zambare
Assistant Manager, Medical Services

“I am Scientist because science is everyday inspiration, learning, wonder, and because science is crucial to society. I love to be a female scientist as everyday will be challenging with new ideas and techniques, having dynamic role with challenging missions. Having the possibility to contribute to the knowledge of scientific field or the wellbeing of another human, is a privilege. Inspiring a new generation to go beyond any standardized role model, is the future. Being a female scientist represents daily opportunity to contribute for me to make societal impact”.
Chitra Prabhu
Assistant General Manager - Quality Control

"Strong women will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes. Despite the setbacks, creative and tenacious women are pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge everyday as they seek solutions to complex global challenges. I am delighted to be part of the Regulatory services team here at Navitas Life Sciences, as I continue to develop my knowledge towards science and satisfy my curiosity."
Shobana Kulasekara
Junior Regulatory Associate

“I am proud and passionate about making a difference to patients' lives across the world. I am glad to be part of the Pharmacovigilance team at Navitas Life Sciences.”
Pushpa Basavanapalli
Associate General Manager – PV

"Science is everything around us. From plants, animals, people, air, climate, earth, to all the machines. I feel amazing to be working in Science and helping towards better health care and great lifestyle.”
Anitha A
Manager – Regulatory Operations

“Women continue to break barriers, especially in previously male dominated careers like science and research. Being part of the science and research community gives me a sense of pride. Since working in the hospital setting in high school and throughout college, I have wanted to be a part of changing healthcare and improving quality or care and overall care for patients. Being part of the research community allows me to be in the forefront of that.”
Swati Nanda
Clinical Research Associate – Clinical Operations

“Being a programmer is a lot like solving puzzles; each program is an opportunity to learn new things or new approaches. And working on clinical trials has allowed me to combine my background and interest in biology with my programming skills in a way that contributes to helping patients live longer, better lives.”
Kristi Mahadocon
Project Manager I

“I decided to pursue a career in the clinical research field to be part of making a difference in people’s lives. It’s both fascinating and rewarding to be involved in all stages of clinical trials, testing drugs and devices for their safety and effectiveness.”
So An Kim
Associate Project Manager – Clinical Operations

2) Satisfying curiosity about the wonders of science: Navitas Life Sciences is a hotbed of clinical research, with a pulse on the latest in the field. The inclusive and supportive work environment, expands the breadth of understanding of science, feeding curiosity while making way for new discoveries.

There is a certain energy to be gained by the constant unravelling of a fascinating new world, with newer challenges and exciting solutions that move away from a monotonous life.

“What I love most about being a scientist is to be able to answer my child’s curious questions. Seeing his eyes sparkle when I introduce him to wonders of nature with an explanation of science behind it; gives me a sense of joy. The best part of it is how he feels proud that his Mom is a researcher and helps to find cure for diseases.”
Niharika Magre
Senior Manager – QM, Clinical Operations

“I am a female scientist because I solve global scientific challenges with intrinsic beauty coupled with determination, perseverance, and smartness. The aspect that I love about being a female scientist is the thrill of new discoveries and creativity to explore resources.”
Vanitha S
Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate

“My interest in biology and chemistry made me choose the field of pharmacy, which gave me a great opportunity to pursue my career in the clinical research field, and it is the learning of new things daily.”
Ramya Shenoy
Team Lead – Screening

‘’A Dreamer. I Walk. Enchanted. And Nothing Holds Me back. I am Dr Shiwani Shetty, not a scientist but as curious as one. As a Clinical Investigator and a woman, I value knowledge and perseverance and believe them to be the greatest assets. In every day there are 1,440 minutes and I believe we have 1,440 opportunities daily to make a mark.’’
Dr. Shiwani Shetty
Clinical Investigator

“Science feeds on curiosity and 'what' fuels this curiosity is another neuroscience! Glad to be a part of this powerful ecosystem that keeps the fire of learning burning!”
Anshika Bharti
Project Lead

It has been rewarding being a part of a community that explores systematic methodologies that helps us better understand who we are and what we can do.
Andra Matthews
Senior.Clinical Project Manager - Clinical Operations

“Every day brings new challenges and the determination to solve them.”
Elizabeth Reinbolt
Senior Project Manager I

“Working in data science is the art of asking the right questions.”
Renee Taylor
Lead Data Manager I

3) Building a thriving and satisfying career: People on the lookout for a meaningful career that involves cutting edge solutions, contribution to society, and a successful career to boast, are satisfied by the systems in place at Navitas Life Sciences. Such benefits have attracted a considerable pool of talent that continues to work towards building a healthier society.

“It is a privilege to work for a company that empower women to make a difference in helping bring new drugs to market and allow other women to see that a science background is possible for a career.”
Kathy Greer
Executive Vice President - Professional Services

“I am proud to be a part of the research community. I hope my work will foster other young women to seek a similar career path.”
Melissa Vliet
Senior Clinical Research Associate

“After clearing MD Pharmacology, becoming a Principal Investigator in BABE Clinical Research was one of the career options and all my professional friends said - that’s not for women. I thought, why not? Now after 10 years, my perseverance in research continues and am very proud to be one among very few principal investigators in the country”
Dr. Manjula Shetty
Senior Manager - Clinical BA/BE

“Studying the sciences develops a problem solving skill which is important for all kinds of jobs. Scientists make exciting new discoveries, sometimes a discovery can lead to new product and can solve global challenges. Studying science trains your brain on how to be logical and to think clearly and to become a better problem solver. It also tells you a lot about how things work”.
Jyothi Nayak
Senior Manager – Screening

“The world of doctors/medics was once a male-dominated domain, but that’s changing fast and I’m proud to be at the center stage of that change and working at an organization that is positively biased toward empowering women! Our team of doctors/Medical reviewers has equal gender distribution which is so amazing!”
Dr. Spandana Bharadwaj
Senior Medical Reviewer – Pharmacovigilance

“On the occasion of International Day of Girls and Women in the field of Sciences I would like to say that I really feel proud and empowered to be working as a Scientist at Navitas Life Sciences. This has provided me a sense of independence and self-worth and helped me to make strategic choices in all areas of my life.”
Reena Lewis
Grade IV Scientist

4) Ideal mentors for a nurturing work environment: Our leaders play a critical role in supporting the needs of new entrants, encouraging them to take on greater responsibility with confidence. They aid in setting the path for an enriching career in sciences, in diverse and equally rewarding settings.

“Women are underrepresented in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), many young women are hesitating to choose STEM majors by the time they reach college. I have been coaching many young women and girls as a volunteer. I am glad that my professional interest, passion and leader role in clinical research and data science motivated several young women and girls to choose STEM majors or advanced STEM degrees.”
Dr. Yun Lu
Director, Data Management and Standards

“Studies have revealed that, on average, the number of girls interested in STEM almost doubles when they have role models to inspire them. I am proud to be part of an organization that prioritizes gender equity and has amazing Women in Science role models!”
Sangeeta Karimbil
Operations Manager

“Many women have come before you over the last 100 years, paving the way and breaking the glass ceilings, so, hopefully, your path will be a bit easier. Determination and drive will help you on your journey, no matter what obstacles get in your way. Pursue your dreams no matter what.”
Lisa Morton
Principal Consultant

Navitas Life Sciences has always supported diversity to meet the evolving healthcare needs, and against the backdrop of recent pandemic, it has been instrumental in ensuring efficient ecosystems of growth.

We continue to grow our team as we work together for better health, driving better outcomes through drug development and beyond. If you are a self-motivated individual looking to thrive in an environment filled with opportunities and innovation and help take life-saving drugs to market sooner then click here to find out more.

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