How to Run Successful Clinical Trials During the Pandemic and Beyond

There was a considerable change in the clinical trial landscape at the onset of the global epidemic, with the initiation of multiple COVID-19 clinical trials and disruptions in non-COVID clinical trials. It has been estimated that approximately 90% of clinical trial sites closed to enrollment in April 2020, across the world.

Navitas Life Sciences Provided Effective Support

Navitas Life Sciences, as a technology-led clinical research company, has had considerable momentum in an accelerating world that was faced with an unprecedented pandemic. There were several challenges, especially logistical challenges, that were rapidly solved using technological expertise and digital tools, providing a competitive edge.

Ms. Sowmya Kaur,

Executive Vice President
Navitas Clinical Research and
Head Clinical APAC
Navitas Life Sciences

Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges

Explore 5 landmark solutions that were woven into the existing clinical trial fabric, with agility and innovation, to strengthen processes and make it relevant to current needs and beyond.

Published in Applied Clinical Trials Volume 30 | Number 7/8 | July/August, 2021

The innovative technology support extended by Navitas Life Sciences towards continuing clinical trials aided in creating significant implications in the health care sector, in terms of competency and accelerated performance of clinical trials.

We are adept at supporting the unique needs of small to large biopharma, emerging mid to small biotech as well as virtual companies. With over 30 years of experience, 20,000+ enrolled patients, 550+ Clinical trials, 2000+ managed sites across 20+ therapeutic areas, and a proprietary OneClinical Analytics platform, Navitas Life Sciences is the preferred partner for many small to large pharmaceutical companies.

Navitas Life Sciences’ Clinical Trial Expertise


We understand your key challenges and have established systems to run a successful trial. Right from phase I to phase IV, we support your organization from startup to closure, and beyond, with our regulatory insights and quality approach. Our services are backed by technology & analytics that are developed specifically to meet the challenges you face daily, giving you the competitive edge.

Proven Experience in 20+ Therapeutic Areas


Leveraging the Right Technology to Power Efficient Clinical Trials

Productive patient monitoring and effective clinical endpoint detection are some of the impediments to a successful trial. OneClinical provides near real time data during the trial, which can be used to better control such challenges during your trial. The use of such intelligent analytics empowers you to take proactive corrective action, resolving critical issues at the onset. This will help in the intelligent deployment of resources which can save your time and your money.

The underlying and unifying factor of them all is the combinatorial effect of the presence of experts who understand the new convergences between technologies and medical health, bringing transformative research to life with impeccable service functionalities. This lays a strong foundation for the reinvention of clinical trials, making them future ready and pandemic proof.

Navitas Life Sciences handled the raging logistics challenges during the pandemic intelligently, leveraging multiple strengths, including swiftly adapting to technological advancements. This helped in the continuation of non-COVID and COVID clinical trials during the pandemic.

Here are some excerpts of our interview with Sowmya.

What has been your most satisfying experience while working in the clinical trial industry?

Over the years, we have encountered incredible times within the Clinical Research segment. When I step back to reflect, there is a sense of satisfaction when I realize how our work has helped improve the quality of patients’ lives. The main goal of every project and every collaboration has been to augment the pace of product reach to patients.

I am extremely proud when a drug, that was studied in a trial that I was a part of, makes it to the market and benefits people around me.

What makes Navitas Life Sciences unique in the industry?

My work at Navitas Life Sciences presented an opportunity to revive, refresh, and rethink decentralization of clinical trials through its technological advancements, with patient safety at the crux of every move.

Navitas Life Sciences can provide agile and flexible solutions for successful study implementations, either as a fully decentralized or as a hybrid approach. Our initiatives towards incorporating digital technologies, and our optimized clinical trial services platform, gives sponsors the benefit of a short set-up time with low fixed costs, while providing global accessibility and near real-time data analytics and visualizations. This provides sponsors with effective clinical trial oversight at all levels, enhanced patient safety and faster decision making – the toolkit to trial success.

What is your opinion on decentralized clinical trials?

The move towards Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) aided in bridging the logistic nightmare posed due to COVID-19 mediated restrictions, with patient-centric measures put in place. As a case in point, between 2014 to 2019, the CAGR for drug-based interventional DCTs was 7%, which grew to 77% during the COVID-19 pandemic between the latter half of 2019 and in 2020.

Decentralized clinical trials are the way forward and are effectively managed by technology led CROs like Navitas Life Sciences

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Sowmya Kaur

Executive Vice President
Navitas Clinical Research and
Head Clinical APAC
Navitas Life Sciences

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