Key Takeaways from ISCR’s 16th Annual Conference

As a distinguished CRO, Navitas Life Sciences showcased as a platinum sponsor at The Indian Society for Clinical Research’s (ISCR) 16th annual conference held recently. The conference provided an exciting opportunity to bring leading experts together from around the world to discuss the latest trends and advancements in clinical research.

Adding global presence, Navitas Life Sciences brought in its VP Chief Science and Innovation officer, Dr. Yun Lu, from the US office, amongst others, to part take and present at this forum, which encouraged a rich milieu of knowledge sharing across geographical boundaries.

Participating in the conference gave attendees a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments in the field of clinical research and learn about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

In this blog post, we will summarize the key takeaways from the ISCR conference, including the presentations by Dr. Atul Gupta, VP- Medical Services and Client Solutions, and Dr. Yun Lu, VP and Chief Scientific and Innovation Officer, which include the latest trends in clinical research, the challenges facing the industry, and the solutions that are emerging to address these challenges.

The State of Clinical Trials in 2023

Navitas Life Sciences has conducted 600+ clinical trials and partnered with multiple top pharma companies from around the world. The conference provided an ideal opportunity to interact with leading names in the pharma industry like Sun Pharma, Pfizer and GSK, and share updates about the recent trends in clinical trials.

The conference highlighted the latest trends in clinical research, reinforced the challenges facing the industry, and presented solutions emerging to address these challenges. However, advancements in technology, demand for patient-centric research, and an increasing focus on data integrity will require a shift in the current approach to clinical research. As we look to the future, it's clear that collaboration, creativity, and innovation will be key to overcoming these challenges and unlocking new possibilities in the field of clinical research.

The presentations by Dr. Yun Lu andr. Atul Gupta were undoubtedly valuable in helping attendees comprehend the complete concept of clinical research.

Dr. Atul Gupta

VP - Medical Services
and Client Solutions,

Navitas Life Sciences

Dr. Atul Gupta was a part of the panel discussion on Panel discussion - Innovation as a way of life in Pharmacovigilance.

He also took to the podium to present a session titled ‘Centralized Medical Data Review at the core of Risk Based Monitoring – the path to success’.

The following were explored in his insightful presentation.

  • Universe of Risk Based Monitoring (RBM)
  • Centralized Monitoring – why think beyond Source Data Verification (SDV)?
  • Medical Data Review (MDR) at the core of RBM
  • MDR Thresholds
  • Case Study | Diligent Medical Data Review prevented loss of evaluable subjects

Learn more about this case study by accessing Dr. Atul Gupta’s presentation here.


Dr. Yun Lu, PhD, presented an engaging session titled ‘How does Clinical Data Management adapt to Decentralized Clinical Trials’.

Dr. Yun Lu

VP & Chief Science
and Innovation Officer,

Navitas Clinical Research

This session explored the following: IDMP

  • Evolution of Clinical Research and Decentralized Clinical Trials
  • Evolution of Clinical Data and Technologies
  • Clinical Data Management to Clinical Data Science – transformation and technologies
  • Case Study | Parkinson’s Disease GENEration Registry

To find out more about the insights shared by Dr. Yun, access her presentation here.

In-Person Meeting Highlights

Our experts, Sowmya Kaur, Dr. Atul Gupta, Dr. Yun Lu, Thirumalai Vasan, Sathya Selvaraj, Shital Pgade and Tushar Joshi met with interested individuals during in-person meetings organized at ISCR’s 16th annual conference.


The discussions were insightful and informative, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and techniques in clinical research. The networking sessions allowed attendees to interact and share their experiences, creating an opportunity to form new partnerships and explore potential collaborations. Additionally, the event was efficiently organized, making it easy for participants to navigate through the various sessions and engage with the speakers. Overall, the meeting was a successful endeavor that enabled participants to gain valuable insights and knowledge in the field of clinical research.

Webcast: Fireside Chat with Dr. Yun Lu, VP & Chief Science and Innovation Officer

We had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Yun Lu, Vice President and Chief Science and Innovation Officer, during her recent visit to India to present at the ISCR 16th Annual Meeting in New Delhi.

Download the webcast and listen as we explore:

  • Dr. Yun Lu’s experience and professional journey
  • ISCR 16th Annual Meeting – key takeaways from the New Delhi event
  • Dr. Yun Lu presents at ISCR | Decentralized Clinical Tri
  • Working with US Federal Agenc
  • Clinical Registries and working with Foundations
  • What do Navitas Life Sciences and Navitas Clinical Research have to offer?

In conclusion, attending ISCR’s 16th annual conference was an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments and future of clinical research. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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