Simplify and strengthen your End-to-End labeling process with Labeling Assessment Express

Regulators are changing the way they look at labeling. Their focus has expanded beyond the traditional pharmacovigilance scope. Regulators now expect the industry to deliver accurate and timely labeling information and risk minimization activities, all the way to patients and healthcare professionals.

An effective, robust and yet streamlined End–to–End (E2E) labeling process is essential to safeguard patient safety, ensure compliance with global regulations and protect the company’s reputation through the avoidance of fines and unwanted media attention.

How can you ensure your labeling process will put the patient first and stand up to regulatory scrutiny, whilst avoiding a long drawn out process improvement initiative?

Typical labeling process improvements initiatives can be time consuming and costly. Labeling Assessment Express is a cost-effective diagnostic approach which provides a rapid analysis of the health of an E2E labeling system, in as little as a week.

Labeling Assessment Express

Navitas Life Sciences has developed Labeling Assessment Express using its extensive experience and insight, gained through a long history of E2E labeling improvement projects and its industry leading best practice and network forum, labelnet.

For more information on Labeling Assessment Express click here to access our brochure or click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be contacted by one of our labeling professionals.

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