A network for labeling professionals, focused on developing best practices for End-to-End labeling compliance, enhancing operational efficiency and excellence, and creating value-adding labeling

Emerging Agenda for our next meeting: Autumn, 2021

Virtual Event: 09 November, 2021

The labelnet Autumn agenda for day one is themed around Fueling Innovation – Digital and Beyond and will focus on the following:

  • Digital and automation – powering the future of labeling
  • Real World Data and beyond – building data capabilities

Virtual Event: 16 November, 2021

The labelnet Autumn agenda for day two is themed around Accelerated Labeling – the new normal? and will focus on the following:

  • Target labeling – defining what good looks like
  • Accelerated submissions – readying labeling for competitive advantage?
In response to COVID-19 and to fully protect our members, team, and the public, we can confirm that this event will take place virtually. Registration is open, so please continue to register if you wish to participate.
Established in 2011, labelnet provides an open, yet confidential, platform to network, share insights and experiences, benchmark performance and develop best practices across the full lifecycle of labeling. Forum members discuss subjects ranging from the definition of company positions (CCDS, CCSI), to local and regional labeling requirements (including SmPC, USPI, Reference labeling, Local labeling Deviations Management, etc.). This network focuses on labeling implementation for patient/product leaflets, artwork, packaging, and electronic media and other product information in the public domain for which the Marketing Authorization Holder is ultimately accountable.
Labeling plays an increasingly pivotal role in improving patient safety, as a key channel for Benefit-Risk communications. Regulators are placing an increasing emphasis on labeling as an integral part of PV systems. labelnet helps develop compelling yet practical solutions to meet ever shifting regulatory requirements, whilst providing business value and meeting the needs of patients and prescribers.

Peer to Peer Network
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Discuss and Develop Strategies
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Who should join labelnet?

Heads of Labeling and Labeling Professionals

Why join labelnet?

Future Proof Your Systems

Future Proof Your Systems

Engage With Global Peers

Engage With Global Peers

Compare and Improve Performance

Compare and Improve Performance

Be part of the only global labeling network with exclusive access to:

  • Spring and autumn in person meetings in US and Europe providing industry leading insights with a strategic focus
  • Technology showcase events driven by member cases to discover cutting edge utilization of technology, new approaches and collaborations
  • Annual benchmark, with 1-1 meetings to explore insights, relative performance and improvement opportunities
  • Hot topic based industry working groups, think tanks and webcasts
  • Live scientific community discussion board: connect with other members, post and answer questions on latest labeling topics
  • Member-only platform for collaboration and resource hub – a secure portal to connect and collaborate with peers and share the latest documented insights
  • Routine publications including white papers, benchmark report, discussion summaries
  • Unique networking with access to Subject Matter Experts within Navitas Life Sciences

Latest Insights in the Labeling Space

  • The Company Core Datasheet (CCDS) is an essential document for global labeling management, particularly in upholding label consistencies across diverse markets.  Clearly defined processes for the creation, update and version management of the CCDS, alongside a clear policy for regional/local implementation, are required to ensure that accurate and consistent benefit-risk information is communicated to the end-users in an effective and timely manner.
  • The need to have End-to-End labeling oversight is now a regulatory expectation and no longer just a future requirement.  End-to-End tracking of status and timelines is an essential part of enabling End-to-End labeling oversight i.e. from confirmation of safety signal to labeling implementation ‘in pack’.
  • Effective management and governance of local labeling deviations drive global consistency of messages and provide oversight and assurance of labeling compliance in the global operating environment.
  • A proactive labeling intelligence strategy will become increasingly important in enabling companies to adapt and respond to the rapidly changing regulatory environment and the growing presence and importance of emerging markets.
  • The focus for labeling is shifting from simply “staying compliant” to improving operational efficiency and adding value, via deployment of new technologies tailored to the needs of labeling, new paradigms in managing product information/label content (e.g. structured content, IDMP), and smart applications of labeling (e.g. eLabeling ).

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