Leverage the Power of Digital Tools and Patient Centricity to Improve Clinical Trial Participation

Navitas Life Sciences is a leading global CRO, with over 600 Clinical Trials across 20+ Therapy Areas and with 1,40,000 Patients. Our patient-centric approach combined with our digital technology helps support decentralized clinical trials and improve investigator as well as patient experience without affecting the quality of data received.

Understanding our Study Participants

The decision to participate in clinical trials is an important one, and rightly so. That's why Navitas Life Sciences is committed to patient-centricity. We want to make sure that all questions from our study participants are answered so they feel confident about their decision. With our digital tools and support, we provide a simple, streamlined experience for both patients and investigators alike.

What Is Hindering Clinical Trial Participation?

One of the main reasons for low patient enrollment in clinical trials is the need for more awareness about the clinical trial process and its benefits. Many patients are also discouraged by the complex paperwork and long waiting periods.

Navitas Life Sciences has digital tools and patient-centricity processes which help to improve clinical trial participation. Our patient-centric approach helps build trust and rapport with potential patients, encouraging them to participate in our clinical trials. The use of digital tools make the enrollment process easier and faster, reducing the paperwork required.

Adopting Patient-Centricity to Increase Patient Engagement

A patient-centric mindset helps clinical trial teams connect with patients and keep them engaged throughout the process. There are multiple ways to ensure this, but it's essential to tailor the approach to fit the individual patients and their needs. Some patients may prefer online interactions, while others may want more personal interaction. The key is to find what works best for each patient and to make sure they feel valued and appreciated.

Digital tools also play a role in increasing patient engagement. Digital technology help in reaching out to patients at regular intervals, beginning with e-consent to interactions over smartphones for improved patient compliance.

Automated Patient Reminders for Better Adherence and Retention

Adherence and retention are critical for any clinical trial success. You can leverage the power of digital technology to create automated patient reminders for appointments, for taking medications, and to complete surveys important for the trial. This can have a huge impact on improving patient participation and improve trial outcomes.

Evaluating Data on the Go With Actionable Insights

With our digital technology, you can evaluate data on the go with actionable insights. Our OneClinical® analytics empower clinicians with near real-time data to make informed decisions about trial designs, participation rates, and patient engagement.

So, how do you improve clinical trial participation?

Navitas Life Sciences' patient-centric approach and digital technology can help you support decentralized clinical trials while still maintaining the quality of your data. With our help, you can improve the experience of investigators and patients alike, all while helping to get life-saving treatments to market faster.

Intelligent and Unified Data Analytics and Aggregation for 5 Clinical Trials, from 3 CROs, and 3 EDC Platforms using OneClinical® Analytics

Download our Case Study and learn how we worked with our client to unify data analytics using OneClinical® Analytics to aggregate data across

  • 5 clinical trials
  • 3 CROs
  • 3 varied EDC platforms

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