Many Cultures: One Navitas Life Sciences Lighting up our people pride with Rangoli for Diwali

At Navitas Life Sciences, we push the boundaries of innovation by teaming up with people from different cultures and perspectives. With offices spread across the globe, our celebrations reflect the same level of teamwork, seamless collaboration, and high-performance mindset that we are known for.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”- Aristotle

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, our priority was to safeguard employee health, safety, security and, stability. Our onus, as always, was on people-centric measures, patient participants in our clinical trials, and employee welfare.

As the pandemic unfolded, our needs evolved. In response, we have encouraged the celebration of work done well during the pandemic by our employees, including health caregivers. Diwali, the festival of joy and lights was the perfect holiday to build enthusiasm and to empower the team in the new normal.

A mélange of colors with a dash of spirit

It started out as a simple plan, with teams being asked to put together a very simple rangoli, either multiple members contributing to one big rangoli or an individual from a team putting together one while including ideas from the rest of the team.

We provided the basic guardrails and the teams responded with effective skill-building engagements that included ideation, iterations and trials.

What followed was an onslaught of interest, enthusiasm and a whole lot of fun! #DiwaliRangoliContest was trending in our internal communication network and our lives!

The Early birds!

The HR team responded with a splash of colors, a rangoli of a different kind! Poise, charm and heartwarming smiles, they started the fun and games with aplomb.

The stunning images set the pace for interesting rangolis that teams posted with fervent energy. It was game on, from then on.

A Game set on the Throes of Colors

Each team put on their thinking caps and etched out creative rangolis, some drawn beautifully, while others relied on fanfare! Some entries even had leaves, flowers, colorful material perfectly aligned and some added fireworks!

There was a buzz of excitement, with teams working together across the globe while encouraging everyone else with positive feedback and comments. The activity was not just a display of talent and creativity, but it resonated deep etched values about building each other and raising positivity. A welcome interlude from the intense work that was being rolled out in the clinical trial front.

And the winner is...

Everyone! After all, the whole team benefitted from this exhilarating contest that tested values as well as talent.

However, though every entry was remarkable, Team Generics and Team Clinical Data Management made their way to the hall of fame during the Diwali rangoli contest of 2020. They were selected based on the number of people who engaged with the entries.

In the words of Marty Boom, Global Head, Regulatory and PV, Navitas Life Sciences

“Congrats Team Generics! and thanks to all the teams for their Rangolis. We´re not celebrating Diwali where I live but the rangolis did brighten the very short days we now have north of the 60 latitude!”

Great experiences are lived and deeply felt, leading to fresh and renewed energy for newer challenges ahead. An exciting festival ended, but the festivities and cheer drew the teams together, raising simple moments into extraordinary memories!