PHUSE: Passionate about the Advancement of Clinical Information & Data Science

Navitas Data Sciences will be proudly exhibiting a new booth at the PHUSE US Connect 2020 in Orlando Florida from March 8th-11th.

This year’s conference theme, “Data Processing Solutions and Integration”, is a really exciting one, designed to explore how statistical programmers in clinical research and healthcare handle data in 2020. We are all looking forward to sharing our recent experiences and challenges and hearing the up-to-date ideas and observations from our colleagues.

Participating in these types of conferences is really important for a number of reasons. Mainly, they provide an opportunity for industry professionals to pass on ideas, learn from each other, network, and build on friendships. PHUSE conferences are, of course, of special interest to us because their gatherings are geared specifically to data science professionals.

Interestingly PHUSE, now a global powerhouse, was created only 16 years ago by Stephen Bamford, Head of Data Transparency at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. “In 2004, I started looking at the opportunities available for the training of pharmaceutical programmers, and have often felt that there should be a forum where people can get together to share ideas, thoughts, concerns and ask questions about the future direction of the industry,” Bamford writes on LinkedIn.

And what began as a brilliant idea in Bamford’s mind, and a meeting of 10 dedicated volunteers in the United Kingdom, has since evolved into a huge, flourishing, indispensable global organization. In 2018, the European-based organization hosted its first annual US Connect. Currently, PHUSE has well over 9,000 international members from 40 countries, and the list just keeps growing. In 2020, PHUSE will be celebrating its 150th Single Day Event and hosting its 16th Connect conference.

Members’ benefits are many. There’s an active blog, a monthly newsletter and a seemingly endless opportunity for growth and development. PHUSE provides members with a software-independent platform for experts to share knowledge, coding tips, data management innovations, data visualization examples, and similarly important information on 14 different pertinent streams.

Perhaps most importantly, the organization’s collaboration with regulatory agencies and standards organizations makes them invaluable to all in our industry. Administrators describe PHUSE as “the industry voice for standards organizations and regulatory agencies. We collaborate closely with the FDA and CDISC, sharing updates and relevant work products.”

One of the most exciting collaborations with the FDA resulted in the Data Science Innovative Challenge. On their October 2019 webinar (see below), organizers outlined details of the current challenges, all focused on solutions for the ongoing opioid crisis. “We want the greatest minds in the data sciences arena to come together,” they announced as they presented the 3 Challenges: Opioid/Substance Use Disorder, Post-market Drug Safety Surveillance, and Approach for Predicting Drug Interactions. 

The challenges are designed to encourage new ideas and new approaches and offer a chance for individuals to collaborate and contribute something that has the potential to help society significantly. The white papers that resulted from the contributions to the challenges will be presented at PHUSE US Connect 2020.

Along these lines, there is also a group of volunteers from major stakeholders in academia, technology, pharmaceuticals, biologics, CROs, SDOs, and regulatory agencies who makeup PHUSE Working Groups, and work tirelessly to develop innovations to meet the industry’s growing needs in an open, non-competitive collaborative forum. It is a huge understatement to say that PHUSE is having a positive impact on our industry and forever changing the way companies interact with each other.

Admirably, the PHUSE community is still run completely by industry volunteers and remains an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to helping clinical data scientists. Our very own Shrishaila Patil, Navitas Life Sciences, Vice President Statistical Programming in India, has volunteered his services since 2018 as PHUSE India Membership Officer, helping to grow memberships and increase sponsorships throughout India.

This year, John D'Antonio, Navitas' Global Head of Consulting, is presenting at PHUSE on Tuesday, March 10th  from 1:30 to 2 pm. He will be presenting OneClinical, an intelligent cloud-enabled clinical analytics platform proven to deliver near real-time, high-quality data and optimize clinical trials.

Navitas Data Sciences is proud to serve this year as a Platinum Sponsor for PHUSE US Connect.  and we look forward to meeting with our respected colleagues at this upcoming conference in March (Booth #23), as well as at future events.