PV M&A Readiness & Integration

Are you Overwhelmed with M&A Readiness & Integration Activities?

Are you Overwhelmed with M&A Readiness & Integration Activities?

The Navitas Life Sciences Mergers & Acquisitions Readiness and Integration offering has been designed as a best practice tool for PV staff to ensure that it can be a proactive and collaborative partner in business development while ensuring that patient safety is protected throughout the M&A process.
M&A activities are increasing across the industry, which has led to the following challenges facing PV organizations:
  • Lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities
  • Inconsistent processes and interfaces across legacy systems
  • Minimal product portfolio coordination and oversight
  • Poor integration of databases
  • Resistance to integration or harmonization

Navitas Life Sciences Provides an Integrated Approach Leading to Impactful Results

  • PV System Acquisition Preparedness review
  • Due Diligence information gathering
  • Integration Planning, including Transitional Services Agreements
  • Integration Implementation
  • Back to Business - As - Usual
  • Nets benchmarking data leveraged where applicable
  • Definition and prioritization of M&A readiness parameters and requirements
  • Development of a PV M&A readiness plan (Playbook) including checklists, RACIs and associated communication and training materials along with integration implementation
  • Acquisition Merger checklist
  • PV Due Diligence checklist
  • Template text for Transitional Service Agreements and Safety Data Exchange Agreements (SDEAs)
  • Integrated and harmonized processes and governance aligned to the post-M&A structure

Full E2E PV M&A Readiness Assessment and Integration:

  • Increased preparedness for future M&A
  • Adherence to M&A compliance guidelines
  • An integration/implementation plan that addresses real and potential compliance gaps
  • Organizational (staff) readiness to address the full range of integration issues
  • Better defined product portfolio and integration of databases

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