End-To-End PV Optimization

Does Your PV Function Effectively Support Your Company’s Objectives?

Organic growth, mergers, acquisitions and regulatory changes have resulted in an inefficient PV System with the links between people, process and technology not as effective as they could be include:

  • Inability to scale up to handle annual growth in ICSRs
  • Poor cross-functional collaboration
  • Misaligned roles, responsibilities, and governance structures
  • Lack of consistency in processes across countries and regions
  • Increased regulatory findings
  • Limited visibility of metrics that measure compliance, effectiveness, and efficiency
  • Lack of system integration

Navitas Life Sciences Provides an Integrated Approach Leading to Impactful Results

  • Proven methodology to systematically assess people, process and technology
  • Cross-functional collaboration with business SMEs to design streamlined value-adding processes
  • End-to-End scope includes
    • Harmonizing and simplifying regional process differences
    • Integrating new data sources
    • Planning for case volume scale-up
    • Aligning with new regulatory requirement
  • Process gap analysis and improvement opportunities
  • Integrated and optimized processes
  • Updated and aligned governance structures
  • Updated roles and responsibilities
  • Resource plan to support new processes
  • Technology assessment and recommendations
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Change management plan

Optimized and Harmonized PV Systems Including:

  • Scalable processes to manage increasing case volumes
  • Harmonized processes to support compliance
  • Proactive risk management
  • Streamlining of worldwide PV Operations
  • Improved oversight through meaningful, accurate, and timely metrics

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