PV Organizational Capability and Capacity (OCC)

Is Your Organization Appropriately Staffed to Address Tomorrow’s Needs?

Is Your Organization Appropriately Staffed to Address Tomorrow’s Needs?

Organizational changes impact staffing requirements. Mergers & Acquisitions, portfolio changes or new market strategies impact the resource model and create challenges for an organization to adapt their teams to new processes and systems. The inability to adapt to new circumstances often causes:
  • Lack of necessary qualifications / skills / experience, potentially exposing the organization to risk of non-compliance
  • Higher cost due to lack of visibility into globally performed tasks and staffing not reflective of industry productivity and utilization levels
Many companies lack the ability to analyze and assess changing requirements across the global organization, including:
  • What competencies are required by role?
  • How many resources do we need in which market and for which roles?
  • Who are the ‘right’ partners for outsourcing/ offshoring

Navitas Life Sciences Provides an Integrated Approach Leading to Impactful Results

Competency modeling and assessment to identify knowledge and skill gaps by comparing the current competency profiles with future requirements at the functional and geographic level
Determination of capacity constraints that may impact the scalability of solutions by applying capacity models that are populated with anticipated volumes and average expended times per activity
Identifying opportunities and potential partners for outsourcing or offshoring of non-core transactional activities to enable on-site staff to attend to higher-value strategic activities
  • Optimizing the organization structure and governance models to facilitate cross-functional collaboration and productivity – based on reference models of PV structures for large and small organizations
  • A report showing where processes may be automated to achieve consistency and reduce reliance on human capital
  • A bank of comparative position descriptions from nets members to support HR infrastructure adaptations
  • Robust change management methodology to ensure smooth implementation and sustainability of changes to organization structures
  • Tailored resourcing model to address current and future business scenario

Resource model with capability and capacity gap analysis and recommendation for future state, including:

  • Talent / Capability strategy
  • Sourcing strategy
  • Training approach plan to address competency gaps
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Sustainable resourcing solution

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