A network for Heads of Safety of Indian Life Science companies & multi-nationals with a presence in the Indian market

Emerging Agenda for our next meeting: Autumn, 2021

Virtual Event: 20 October, 2021

We are delighted to be hosting our 11th forum this autumn. The agenda for the event is themed around the Evolution of the PV Ecosystem and will focus on the following:

  • Navigating the Global/Local QPPV Landscape
  • Next Generation Safety Systems
  • Post Pandemic Strategies
In response to COVID-19 and to fully protect our members, team, and the public, we can confirm that this event will take place virtually. Registration is open, so please continue to register if you wish to participate.

Launched in March, 2016 pvindia provides a neutral platform for pharmacovigilance leaders in India facing similar challenges to network, debate, compare performance, and share ideas on how to tackle the latest hot issues.

pvindia leverages the approach, format, and experience gained from successfully running Pharmacovigilance focussed networks over the past 15+ years in Europe and the USA. This is a unique opportunity to be part of the industry leading global network for Pharmacovigilance professionals.

Whilst we believe that drug safety can be a source of competitive advantage, we see a greater mutual benefit in sharing experience and common challenges. Through our pharmacovigilance networks; pvnet, pvconnect, pvtech, and pvindia, our vision is to shape the future of pharmacovigilance by providing PV leaders with an environment to meet and discuss alternative solutions with other industry thought leaders and enable ongoing improvements.

Who should participate in the pvindia forum?

Global or Regional Heads of Safety/Pharmacovigilance, and PV Senior leadership teams at Life Science companies with Pharma, Consumer, Generics, or Mixed Portfolios, responsible for deploying the PV Strategy and System within their organisation

Why come to the pvindia meeting?

Future Proof Your Systems

Future Proof Your Systems

Engage With Global Peers

Engage With Global Peers

Compare and Improve Performance

Compare and Improve Performance

  • Be part of the only global PV network
  • Over 50 global member companies
  • Hear the very latest Global Regulatory and industry insights with representation from Health Authorities
  • Compare your PV performance with Industry-wide benchmark data
  • Unique networking opportunities with Global PV peers
  • Hear case studies from Global Industry Leaders
  • Discuss and develop strategies and best practices with Indian PV leaders
  • Explore and debate how the Indian PV Region brings value to the Global PV system

A Summary of the key topics discussed at pvindia to date

October 2018

  • Latest regulatory challenges – tackling GDPR
  • Technology for automation in PV space
  • PSMF – compliance to Automation
  • SDEA – blue print for success

Speakers from Cipla, Glenmark, Oracle, Piramal, and Roche

The Latest PV Regulatory context March 16th 2017

  • Crunch time for EudraVigilance: latest framework/timelines
  • Experience sharing of cross country regulations
  • Deep dive and industry discussion on PVGI guidelines

Speakers from PVPI

The PV change journey - continued March 7th 2018

  • Reflections on PvGI implementation
  • E2B (R3) expectation vs. reality
  • Managing PV change and growth

Speakers from Concordia, J&J, and PvPI

PV 360 - regulations, process, technology October 25th 2016

  • Global regulatory update - crunch time for EudraVigilance
  • Current tech landscape, future outlook and the possibilities for automation
  • Getting clarity on PvGI and the impact on the PV system globally and locally

Speakers from: PvPI Case studies: Glenmark, and Macleods Pharma

For more information please click here, contact pvindia@navitaslifesciences.com