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15th pvindia Forum

Date: 05 October 2023

Place: ITC Maratha, Mumbai

The theme and agenda for the 15th pvindia forum will be released shortly.

A network for Heads of Safety and PV leadership of Indian Life Science companies and multi-nationals with a presence in the Indian market

Launched in March 2016, pvindia provides a neutral platform for pharmacovigilance leaders in India facing similar challenges to network, debate, compare performance, and share ideas on how to tackle the latest hot topics.

pvindia leverages the approach, format, and experience gained from successfully running Pharmacovigilance focussed networks; pvnet and pvconnect , over the past 15+ years in Europe and the USA. This is a unique opportunity to be part of an industry leading global network for Pharmacovigilance professionals.


Who should participate in the pvindia forum?

Global or Regional Heads of Safety/Pharmacovigilance, and PV Senior leadership teams at Life Science companies with Pharma, Consumer, Generics, or Mixed Portfolios, responsible for deploying the PV Strategy and System within their organisation

Be part of the only global PV network with exclusive access to:

  • Be part of an exclusive global PV network, collaborating with over 50 pharma companies
  • Hear the very latest Global Regulatory and industry insights with representation from Health Authorities
  • Discuss and develop strategies and best practices with Indian PV leaders
  • Explore and debate how the Indian PV Region brings value to the Global PV system

Why join?

Future proof your systems

Future proof your systems

Engage with global peers

Engage with global peers

Compare and improve performance

Compare and improve performance

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pvindia to date

Optimizing PV in a post-pandemic world

  • Latest drivers to outsource in PV
  • Improving collaboration; PV and cross-functional touch points
  • A regulatory perspective: COVID-19 in India
  • Impact of COVID-19 on workforce
  • Brexit and the implications
  • The Global QPPV – role in evolution

PV regulatory and technology excellence – a continued journey

  • Automation in action
  • Audits and inspections: best practices in Inspection Readiness
  • PV governance across the stakeholder system
  • Social media in PV
  • Applications of AI in PV
  • Demystifying RoW regulations