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with Heads of Safety of Top Life Science Companies

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pvnet Virtual Forum – Autumn Week One

Date: 02 November 2023

The theme for the pvnet Autumn Virtual Forum will be announced shortly.

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pvnet Face-to-Face Forum – Autumn Week Two

Date: 07 November 2023

Place: New York

The theme for the pvnet Face-to-Face Forum will be announced shortly.

Unparalleled Collaborative Environment Facilitated
with Heads of Safety

A network for Heads of Safety of Top 25 life science companies

Invests in thought leadership to help shape future practices

Established in 2001, pvnet provides a neutral platform for Pharmacovigilance (PV) leaders to network, debate, benchmark performance, and share best practices on contemporary issues. It equips leaders to shape the future of Patient Safety with shared values of ethics, efficiency & empathy.


Platform for Industry Insights

Develop Elevating Connections

Actionable intelligent insights from peers to steer your efficiency

Expanded Support

Leverage content secured from expert discussions and forums

Benchmark Performance

Unique opportunity to Identify your performance against the others in the Industry

Who should join pvnet?

Heads of Safety and PV senior leaders responsible for deploying the PV strategy within their organization

Exclusive access to the only Global pvnetwork

Trusted and sought-after spring and autumn in person meetings in US and Europe to gain industry leading insights with a strategic focus on

  • Technology showcase events driven by member cases to discover cutting edge utilisations of technology, new approaches and collaborations
  • Annual benchmark, with 1-1 meetings to explore insights, relative performance, and improvement opportunities
  • Hot topic-based industry working groups, think tanks and webcasts

Why join pvnet?

Future Proof Your Systems

Future Proof Your Systems

Engage With Global Peers

Engage With Global Peers

Compare and Improve Performance

Compare and Improve Performance

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Latest insights and innovations in the PV space

Shifting sands of PV Landscape - how ready are we?

  • Legacy of COVID-19 on PV-what stays, what gives?
  • pvnet benchmark ranks China, Latin America & Russia as top 3 most complex geographies- how to play the regional card?
  • PV integration in M&A-pages from the industry playbook
  • Safety for devices & Combination products-where pharma & MedTech merge

The PV agility story- discovery to transformation

  • Unity in diversity-gaining efficiencies in international (affiliate) PV
  • Engaging patients with impact-philosophy, organization, methods & tools
  • pvnet members confirm ‘workforce management’ as topmost operational challenge in 2020-21-How to solve the capability shift vs talent scarcity equation?
  • Inspections are a means, not an outcome-Can we embed a culture & continuous improvement in PV?

Safety science in PV-crossing the next frontier

  • COVID-19 Vaccine & therapies -safety at’ warp speed’?
  • BRM in cell & gene therapy-quest for novel data sources & methodologies
  • Quantitative methods in BRM-where lie the opportunities & pitfalls
  • Innovations in risk minimization design & evaluation-what might the future look like?
  • Risk communication in a digital era-right time, right place, right tools

Data & Digital in PV: Coming of age

  • 100% pvnet members are automating, with 43% using AI/ML for PV automation
  • Automation beyond ICSRs- Are Aggregate reporting, translations & enabling functions the next efficiency engines?
  • Can the humble Safety Database be a ‘value’ aggregator?
  • With 86% of pvnet having a Data Science function, how are members moving towards decision intelligence in PV?