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pvtech Virtual Autumn Forum

Date: 01 November 2023

The theme of the pvtech Autumn Virtual Forum will be announced shortly.

Exclusive Network for Heads of Information Technology for PV departments, focused on increasing business value from technology investments

Established in 2011, pvtech provides a neutral platform for Pharmacovigilance (PV) business and tech leaders to network, debate, benchmark performance, and share best practices on contemporary issues. It equips PV leaders to embrace cutting-edge technologies and Data Science derived insights for the advancement of Patient Safety.


Platform for Industry Insights

Develop Elevating Connections

Actionable intelligent insights from peers to steer your efficiency

Expanded Support

Leverage content secured from expert discussions and forums

Benchmark Performance

Unique opportunity to Identify your performance against the others in the Industry

Who should join ?

PV business, data, and technology leaders responsible for developing and deploying PV technology strategy within their organization

Be part of the only global PV network with exclusive access to:

  • Trusted and sought-after spring and autumn in person meetings in US and Europe to gain industry leading insights with a strategic focus
  • Technology showcase events driven by member cases to discover cutting edge utilisations of technology, new approaches and collaborations
  • Annual benchmark, with 1-1 meetings to explore insights, relative performance, and improvement opportunities
  • Hot topic based industry working groups, think tanks and webcasts

Why join ?

Future proof your PV technology systems

Future proof your PV technology systems

Engage with global peers, niche providers and cross industry technology experts

Engage with global peers, niche providers and cross industry technology experts

Compare and improve performance

Compare and improve performance

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Latest insights and innovations in the PV space

Stay updated with continuously refreshed content on advancements to enhance every aspect of the value chain.

Accelerating PV ‘tech-tonics’ to unleash growth

  • 60% of the industry cites compliance to newer regulations as top PV tech challenge - EU MDR, E2B (R3-regional)-time for a ‘common readiness’ framework?
  • Data & tech focused PV inspections are already on our doorsteps. How ready are we?
  • Technology, Data Science and open source models are scripting the destiny of COVID-19. How PV organizations can leverage these tools to accelerate innovation?
  • Emerging tech in the free market-Valuable lessons from healthcare, fintech and retail

Safety Database 3.0 - elusive or exclusive? A peek into the ecosystem

  • 46% of industry exploring new safety database - What is the industry really looking for? Cost effectiveness, value aggregation or both?
  • And will the newer safety databases pass muster?
  • Agility, innovation, cost, and efficiency - how do the current PV tech providers stack up?
  • Crystal gazing the PV SDB - Will a ‘unified’ safety database ever be a reality?

Designing PV systems for efficiencies - Enablers for Stepping Up

  • 85% of pvnet exploring translation tools-can AI enabled translation redefine affiliate efficiencies?
  • Aggregate reporting reimagined-maximize value through process and tech synergies
  • Innovative tech in enabling functions-surface the hidden use cases!
  • Simple automation and RPA - small investments, large gains?

Data Science - Tapping into valuable PV data for a strategic view

  • 86% of pvnet have a Data Science function and 68% are exploring predictive analytics - how are PV organizations moving towards decision intelligence?
  • ‘Insights’ is the new PV currency! Data Science applications in Operations and Safety Surveillance - where to put your money in?
  • PV data science organization - who are the people behind it?
  • How should a modern PV Data Science tech landscape look? Aspirational and pragmatic