Recruit the Best for a Rippling Effect

Navitas Data Sciences, a Functional Service Provider of SAS Programmers, Statisticians and Data Managers, has a proven process for hiring quality staff that results in great retention. This process is used for our data resources globally.

According to Harvard Business Review, hiring the wrong person can result in astronomical costs for your company. An astonishing 80% of the turnover is due to poor hiring practices. It is critical to find applicants who can function independently and produce high-level deliverables. That’s why it is imperative to have a proven rigorous recruiting process that eliminates unqualified applicants and generates only highly desired candidates. Then, ensure you have a plan to retain them!

Many of Navitas Data Sciences’ employees have been with us for over 10 years with four members celebrating 25 years with the company. We’ve recapped the process of our best practices below:

  • Have an internal recruiting team that understands your business and your company’s culture. The internal recruiting team should be global, with personnel available in each geographic location to find candidates, help with setting up interviews, testing and follow up. (Navitas Data Sciences has teams positioned globally to perform the testing, in order to eliminate time zone issues)
  • Retain supplemental recruiting firms who have proven to understand your standards and requirements for new hires.
  • Review resumes for grammar and spelling errors. Generally, such errors are indicative of work performance.
  • Speak with every candidate. The more specific your questions are, the better your understanding of the candidate’s experience and technical ability.
  • Video interviews are a must, in order to ensure there is a proper identification match between the interviewed candidate and the candidate who comes for orientation. With the candidate’s permission, take a picture while on video.
  • Use an online system to capture the applicant’s information; i.e. basic testing information, resume, and general qualification questions, for easy reference and assessment.
  • Require candidates’ applications to include past work history, education, and references, giving you the bigger picture.
  • Perform County and Statewide Criminal Record Searches.
  • Have applicants write an essay so that their communications skills can be reviewed.
  • Require specialty testing. SAS testing is conducted where applicable, asking basic SAS questions, SDTM and ADaM questions and clinical questions. This is followed by preparing a report using basic SAS code. Programming skills, neatness, readability and the aptitude to follow instructions are assessed.
  • The entire recruiting process takes approximately two weeks per applicant. Our goal is to employ and retain highly educated and technically skilled programmers, Statisticians and Data Managers who like working for customers counting on them to deliver excellent work product. Our retention rate of 94% attests to our best practice in recruiting. This process has now been in effect for ten years, and it is a proven success.

We’ve hired them but how do we keep them?

Competitive salaries, 401k employer-matching plan, spot recognition bonuses, as well as medical and dental benefits, gets the attention of smart business people.

Remote workers appreciate the flexibility of work hours, savings in travel time and costs, as well as allowing for more time to be productive working on client deliverables. Remote workers gain 15 to 25 workdays per year, that would otherwise be spent on commuting.

Work-life balance is an extremely important aspect of today's work environment. At Navitas Data Sciences, we recognize the importance of personal and family responsibilities and respect our employees' needs.

Letting workers know that you believe in promoting from within, keeps workers focused on working harder and smarter so that your vision for growth matches their vision for personal growth. We also encourage our employees to participate in internal incentive programs that honor and reward their referrals and suggestions.

Keep an eye on your employee turnover rate (ours is 6% while some of our competitors experience a 20–50% loss yearly). Conduct yearly assessments using employee satisfaction surveys to ensure your retention rate stays healthy. Employees want to work for smart companies who care about their employees and keep an eye on productivity and employee satisfaction.

At Navitas Data Sciences, we also use Glassdoor Economic Research to give our employees a vehicle to express their feelings about us and to improve employee and customer satisfaction, which ultimately affect our bottom line.