We Celebrate July Accomplishments and National Health Center Week

Health and Wellness are on all our minds as we enter the month of August and celebrate National Health Center Week. Amid concerns about the global pandemic, we are reminded to address other wellness issues that we may have neglected during the lock-downs in our communities. Many are feeling anxiety about COVID-19 and all the recent changes in our lives. Do not hesitate to seek counseling if you are dealing with cabin fever, loneliness, or want to address inclusion.

We are doing our part by continuing our efforts to recognize our team. As a recap of July’s events, we would like to take a moment to congratulate the following staff members on their July work anniversaries and thank you for your continued hard work and contributions to the company’s success:

  • Lisa M. – 22 years
  • Troy R. – 17 years
  • Mike M. – 13 years
  • Susan L. – 8 years
  • Srilatha G. – 7 years
  • Kristin D. – 7 years
  • Suresh V. – 4 years
  • Amanda P. – 1 year
  • Mounika C. – 1 year

It is always with great joy that we receive thank you notes from our clients, and would like to acknowledge some really great feedback received last month for the following teams:

We congratulate Bruce T., Tracy C., Troy R., Andee G., and Natalie S. on the awesome feedback from our long-standing client. We value and appreciate your expertise, hard work, and the extra effort you give on a daily basis.

Kudos to Radhika K. and Amanda P. on the wonderful positive comments from your Project Manager! Your professional attitude and your ability to work as a team are much appreciated!

Our July Employee Spotlight featured the talented Sanjay Mitter: Navitas Data Sciences’ Director of Biostatistics, Sanjay Mitter Braves New Frontiers

Other note-worthy blogs posted in July may be found here:

And you are bound to enjoy our most recent blog about R and the training programs we are excited to be involved in:


National Health Center Week is August 9th through the 15th. The purpose of this annual celebration is to raise awareness about the accomplishments of the nation’s health centers, currently servicing over 27 million patients. The National Association of Community Health Centers encourages us to join them in honoring all the front-line providers, staff, and patients who have lost their lives to COVID-19. “From the very beginning of the crisis, Community Health Centers began finding innovative ways to provide preventative and primary care to their patients. During this week of remembrance, light a candle for those community health leaders and patients that we lost,” they say on their website, as an inspiration to all of us.

There are several activities planned in Reading, Pennsylvania as well as other events throughout the state. A link is provided within the article link provided above.

August is also National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) - an annual observance designed to remind us about the importance of vaccination for all age groups and the important role they play in the prevention of many serious diseases.

Adult Vaccinations

According to the CDC’s vaccine guide, “Healthy adults 50 years and older should get the shingles vaccine. Adults 65 years or older need one dose of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine followed by one dose of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine. Adults younger than 65 years who have certain health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or HIV should also get one or both of these vaccines.” (Adults also need a Tetanus (Td) vaccine every 10 years.)

Hepatitis Vaccinations

Many are not aware that possibly millions of us are unknowingly infected with hepatitis. People can be infected with the virus for years without showing any symptoms. To eradicate viral hepatitis, the CDC recommends that anyone who falls into the following categories should get tested so that they may be treated:

  • Baby boomers (those born between 1945 and 1964) are much more likely to be infected.
  • Anyone who has had a blood transfusion or organ transplant prior to 1992
  • Anyone who has ever (even once) injected illegal drugs or shared needles.
  • People with tattoos.
  • Anyone born to someone infected with a hepatitis virus.

For more information on the Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults, look here:

COVID-19 Immunizations

As you all know, there is a global effort afoot to develop a vaccine against COVID-19. There are currently over 165 vaccines being developed at break-neck speed, 29 of which are already in human trials. The New York Times has an impressive Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker that offers up-to-date information on the progress of the developing vaccines.

For those of us experiencing heat waves and extreme storms, it’s a bit of a relief that summer is half over. We encourage you to celebrate our front-line healthcare workers, remember those who have died tragically during this pandemic, and take control over your health by following CDC Coronavirus Guidelines and getting your immunizations up-to-date.

Be well and stay safe!