Why a Functional Service Provider (FSP) Model for Data Sciences?

You have business options with various service providers on just how you will establish your clinical data department. You will want a partner who is working through your requirements as if it is their own department they are setting up. They will listen to your concerns and bring solutions to you so that you can rest easy that the right decisions for your organization are being made. The Functional Service Provider (FSP) model is very complementary to existing operations, as well as situations where a preferred provider exists, but growth is outpacing fulfillment. Depending upon your specific scenario, we have highlighted some benefits for considering an FSP model.

  • You get the resources you require for the time frame you need.
  • You only pay for the work performed for the period needed. Resources can be added or released/relaxed as the need arises to support ebb and flows.
  • Because the FSP provider is devoted to data sciences, your work will be performed with the highest level of focus on quality.
  • Availability of resources to your organization becomes more apparent with an FSP provider’s help. Their management, responsibility for employee benefits, and computing environment are some of the benefits you receive using the FSP model.
  • You are better able to focus on your key business areas while your FSP partner takes care of your important data reporting requirements.
  • The FSP partner’s geographic reach may offer resource options and financial savings based on numbers and locations being considered.
  • You gain the FSP provider’s recruiting expertise, which brings efficiency to the clinical function, and offers resources to which you may not have access.
  • Because the FSP manages the human resources of their staff, hiring and terminations, payroll, employee scheduling, and benefits, you gain time and focus for other functions.
  • Since you don’t need to provide office space or tools to complete the work, you gain the benefit of lower costs on office space, internet, and computers/software/IT support. If the work is done on the FSP providers’ servers, you don’t need to expand your IT infrastructure and staff.
  • Most importantly, an FSP partner does not take control of your study and your data. You retain oversight and they provide the resources.

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