Why Reliance Life Sciences has been Using pharmaREADY® for Over 10 Years

Reliance Life Sciences, a research-driven organization with operations in biotherapeutics, pharmaceuticals, clinical research services, regenerative medicine, and molecular medicine, has been using Navitas Life Sciences’ pharmaREADY® for 10 years now and they love it. Evolving regulatory guidelines necessitate a fundamentally trusted way of submitting First-Time-Right submissions, which pharmaREADY® has been able to provide.

Navitas Life Sciences is a well-established industry technology partner for small, medium, and large pharma companies, providing application infrastructure across Clinical, Regulatory, Content Management, Safety, Quality, Supply Chain, and Business Intelligence. Our Fit-For-Purpose technology is enriched by our experience and insights as we enable organizations to do more with less.


Imagine a system that evolves with the changing regulatory landscape, creates improved time and cost efficiency, embeds compliance with user-friendly and flexible workflows, and upholds the spirit and not just the letter of regulatory compliance. pharmaREADY® is that system, and it has been built exclusively to support your regulatory submission needs.

Benefits of pharmaREADY®

  • Seamless Integration: Integrates all modules (DMS, eCTD, SPL, and TRMS)
  • Time saved: Submissions prepared in 40% less time
  • Cost Effective: Lowest Total Cost compared with similar systems
  • User Friendly: Intuitive and easy to use
  • Simple and Fast: Set up and run within 3-4 weeks
  • Support: End user training and 24/7 post-sales application support
  • Always ahead: Regular updates with regulatory guidelines and technology innovations
  • Compliant: 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, cGMP and HIPAA compliant, and inspection ready
  • Data Migration: Simple data migration with no user intervention required
  • Backward Compatibility: Old methods can be used for imported legacy submissions

To find out more about why Reliance Life Sciences has been using pharmaREADY® for over 10 Years we met with Nilesh Kshirsagar, General Manager IT, Reliance Life Sciences and Senthil Chidambaram S, Delivery Manager, Regulatory Technology, Navitas Life Sciences. Read on for more insights into the support that has been provided.

Tell us about yourself and your professional journey?

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Nilesh Kshirsagar, General Manager IT, Reliance Lifesciences. I am responsible for managing our IT operations that support Quality functions in Manufacturing and to keep IT issues to an absolute minimum. During my tenure of over 15 years, I have got the opportunity to work in various domains such as Clinical Research Services, Sales and Marketing, Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals.

Why did Reliance Life Sciences require pharmaREADY® and how did it help?

In Reliance Life Sciences, pharmaREADY® DMS has been used for over 10 years to manage our GxP and Non-GxP documents according to Federal Regulations, including 21 CFR part 11

How would you rate services offered by Navitas Life Sciences?

We have received wonderful support during our 10 years of working with them. Their team has been proficient, patient, and accessible with highly trained professionals. We would rate 9 out of 10 for the services offered by Navitas Life Sciences

Nilesh Kshirsagar

General Manager IT,

Reliance Life Sciences

How quickly do you receive support from Navitas Life Sciences?

Recently we required support for an issue we faced, and we were able to reach their team member quickly, with rapid resolution of our concern.

How many teams and members within teams use pharmaREADY®?

Over the years, our dependence on the system has grown immensely, with more than 1000+ users and concurrent users across departments benefitting from it.

What is your feedback on pharmaREADY® and would you recommend it to other companies?

Navitas Life Sciences has been upgrading the system at regular intervals to adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape and has provided us with sufficient training to ensure seamless delivery.

It has been a wholesome experience working with Navitas Life Sciences, with excellence in technology combined with sincerity and effectiveness in communication and support

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career path

I completed an MBA in Technology Management and joined Navitas Life Sciences in 2006 as a Project lead. I have been with the organization for 16 years and it has been a great experience.

As a Delivery Manager in Regulatory Technology, I am responsible for the implementation of various solutions, and for providing support to our customers. In the past three years, I have onboarded 25+ new customers and have executed some 140+ upgrades in the past 3 years with the help of our wonderful team here at Navitas Life Sciences.

What are the reasons for the long-standing partnership with Reliance Life Sciences?

Navitas Life Sciences caters to the unique needs of every customer and, in terms of Reliance Life sciences, we have adhered to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensured a flexible application support costing model, and provided periodic technology and version upgrades.

Senthil Chidambaram S

Delivery Manager – Regulatory Technology,

Navitas Life Sciences

We focus on customer satisfaction at all times, and with Reliance Life Sciences, we have worked with customers directly to resolve queries and issues that they may have. This has been a significant milestone in our growth journey together as we strive for seamless execution and customer delight as significant benchmarks.

How do you ensure cost and operational efficiency?

Navitas Life Sciences’ pharmaREADY® is a fully integrated, regulatory compliant, web-based suite comprised of Document Management, Training Records Management, Structured Product Labeling, and eCTD Publishing Solutions. pharmaREADY® simplifies the complex process of creating, viewing, and managing submissions – electronic, NeeS, or paper.

The solution is owned by Navitas Life Sciences, which gives us a flexible licensing policy with no hidden charges. The cost of technology upgrade and maintenance is very competitive when compared to other enterprise applications that exist in the market.

We have strong Quality policies and procedures in place which helps in providing First-Time-Right submissions.

What is the extent of training provided?

Navitas Life Sciences focuses on end-user adaptability. Realizing such a vision has required a paradigm shift from treating training as a part of the process to establishing systems that pave the way for tangible line-of-sight impact on usability.

The success of any application is measured by the number of users who employ our application without any challenges. User adaptability is significantly enhanced when there is sufficient training to end users.

We have a structured training program when onboarding new clients and provide training with real-time use cases. We also offer free training programs as part of our Annual application maintenance, with a training program offered once every quarter if the customer wishes.

Please provide us with anecdotes about how you went the extra mile to support unique needs at Reliance Life Sciences

Navitas Life Sciences always goes the extra mile to adhere to SLA commitments, not only for Reliance Life Sciences, but for all of our active customers. We have a robust support plan, and support teams working in different time shifts to cater to our global customer reach including across different regions in Europe, USA, and India.

In terms of our specific support for Reliance Life Sciences, we regularly carry out preventive maintenance to avoid any breakdowns that may affect the 1000+ users working in our application every day. In addition, we have detailed the best practices to follow in a guide to administrators at Reliance Life Sciences. This guide includes information on carrying out daily/weekly health checks to ensure the best possible user experience.

How did you cope with business continuity for Reliance Life Sciences during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we circulated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) updates on a regular basis to all our customers, including Reliance Life Sciences. Our team was provided with required tools and technology to continue to administer customer support from home.

Further, Navitas Life Sciences has an exclusive 24x7 help desk support with customers able to call our support team to resolve queries and any issues faced.

We have successfully handled the disruptions caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensured that our support for our customers has not been impacted.

What are you most proud of in your 10 year association with the Reliance Life Sciences?

With more competition around and demanding expectations from the clients, I would say retaining a customer for more than 10 years in itself is a proud moment.

On our side, we realize the importance of periodic upgrades, and we have implemented the same with the pharmaREADY® suite of applications. As a Service provider, we are able to meet each stakeholder’s expectations within Reliance Lifesciences. I am sure that this will continue in the future as well.

Choose pharmaREADY® as “Single Source of Truth” for your Regulatory operations

pharmaREADY® ensures robust process optimization for First-Time-Right submissions. The platform is fully integrated, regulatory compliant, and web-based to create, view, and manage your global regulatory submissions ,efficiently setting up a centralized document storage repository and indexing the contents to ensure robust version control and is available on-premise or in the cloud. The product suite offers several modules that can meet global regulatory requirements:

  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD)
  • Structured Product Labeling (SPL)
  • Training Records Management System (TRMS)

To Learn more about our end-to-end Regulatory services and solutions please click here or reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.