With Thankfulness and Gratitude

Thanksgiving was very different this year for many of us, who may have canceled travel plans, downsized turkeys, and dined with family via Zoom instead of in person. COVID-19 may have altered our Holiday, but not our feelings of gratitude. We are grateful that coronavirus vaccines are coming down the pike and offering hope for so many. We also give thanks for our amazing staff and their contributions to the wellness of people all over the world through their dedicated hard work.

Congratulations to the following team members who celebrated work anniversaries in November:

  • Cheryl Fournier – 19 years
  • Steve Willhoite – 13 years
  • Jennean Heimbach – 6 years
  • Radha Yella – 1 year

We salute you and thank you for your contributions to DataCeutics/Navitas Data Sciences, and look forward to celebrating many more work anniversaries with you in the future!

As always, we are so grateful when we receive letters of appreciation from our clients:

Congratulations to Tricia Datte on the awesome Thank You from our client! We value and appreciate your flexibility, attention to detail, and willingness to help. We are proud of the work that you do.

Kudos to Min Gong, Natalie Springfield, and Troy Ruth for the great recognition from our client! We greatly appreciate your hard work and professional work ethic and are extremely proud of your accomplishments.

Congratulations to Tracy Chang, Dwayne Bracy, Warren McIntire, and Jeff Dickinson on the awesome recognition from our client! We value and appreciate your hard work and teamwork. This client has been an important client for 20 years. The great job that you and your coworkers do is the reason for our longevity there.

We welcomed four new employees in November:

  • Lakshimi Chittamuru – Senior SPA I
  • Veni Hinton – Bookkeeper
  • Freddie Paino – Lead Statistical Programmer Analyst I
  • Grace Liu – Senior Statistician - MS

Our Employee Spotlights are a wonderful way to meet colleagues. November’s spotlight featured Beth Reinbolt - Project Manager II, kickboxer, Krav Maga Black Belt, and animal lover. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, be sure to check out this interesting blog: https://www.navitaslifesciences.com/project-manager-ii-beth-reinbolt-doesn-t-give-up

The Holiday Season is upon us, and as we make out our Holiday gift lists, and mail our annual greeting cards, we are reminded of all those who are far less fortunate. Now, as the pandemic rages on, and so many people are seeking assistance, our compassion and generosity are more important than ever! 

The Salvation Army set up the world’s biggest fundraising Red Kettle in New York City’s famous Times Square, in an effort to raise awareness of the biggest-ever need. USA Today reports: “Amid a surge of store closings, a decline in foot traffic to retail locations and a nationwide coin shortage, consumers are carrying less cash, so the Salvation Army expects to see up to a 50% decrease in fundraising.” It’s helpful to know that all monies that are tossed into the Salvation Army collection kettle in your town are actually used specifically to help the needy in your community. 

The world’s biggest fundraising Red Kettle was set up in New York City’s famous Times Square, to raise awareness of the current biggest-ever need.

Community food banks and homeless shelters in your vicinity are also in great need of contributions. 72% of charitable organizations have suffered financially due to the pandemic, and 54% of respondents have cut back on services due to the pandemic and economic shutdowns. There is a wonderful site called Charity Navigator (Your Guide to Intelligent Giving), that lists worthy, vetted organizations in your area by name or theme. They also give tax deduction information and provide the latest warnings about fraud and robocall scams.

If you desire to help individuals that are battling the COVID-19 outbreak, but are not sure where to send your donation, you’ll find a list of highly-rated organizations that are providing relief to those impacted here: COVID-19 Top Nonprofits

As many of you know, DataCeutics/Navitas Data Sciences has been involved in several charitable activities over the years, and we really appreciate your past support and contributions to these worthy causes. One of our favorite charity organizations is Restoring Hope, Child, and Community, which helps families in impoverished communities of Haiti, as well as other parts of the world. The leaders of DataCeutics/Navitas Data Sciences have sponsored the micronutrient program in Beaudois, Haiti, for the past five years to help the children in this poverty-stricken area receive proper nutrition. A $60 donation to Give Christmas to Haiti will buy a family food for two weeks, or a goat that will offer an endless milk supply.

Matt Ferdock, CEO, DataCeutics/Navitas Data Sciences, has been a long-time supporter of the Burn Prevention Network, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, based in Eastern Pennsylvania, and is currently serving on their Board of Directors. He also co-founded the SPiRiT Foundation (Scar, Physiology, Research, and Treatment) to raise funds for research and laser treatment, to aid those suffering from painful scars due to burn injuries.

Even if you feel like you don’t have a lot to give, every charitable organization will tell you that the dollars add up, and every little bit really does count. Opportunities for kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness are everywhere, and we hope we’ve given you a few ideas that will help guide you.