World Diabetes Day 2023: Supporting Diabetes Research through State-of-the-Art Euglycemic Clamp Studies

As we join the World Health Organization in observing the World Diabetes Day on November 14th, 2023, the global community faces an escalating diabetes crisis, demanding revolutionary advancements in therapeutic solutions. In this spirit, Navitas Life Sciences offers strategic partnerships to pharmaceutical companies, both large and small, in their quest for groundbreaking anti-diabetic therapies.

This blog highlights our unique capabilities in managing efficient euglycemic clamp studies, showcasing how we expedite the development of biosimilar insulin and propel the evolution of diabetic therapies.

The Global Diabetes Challenge:

On this World Diabetes Day, the gravity of the diabetes epidemic looms large. Recent studies highlight the urgency of finding effective therapies, with staggering numbers worldwide. According to the WHO, over 77 million individuals live with diabetes in India (over 18 years of age), and 23 million are in the pre-diabetes stage. The UK contends with 4.3 million cases, while the US grapples with over 37 million people affected. The need for advanced research and development in diabetes has never been more pressing.


Navitas Life Sciences: Your Trusted Partner for Diabetes Research

On this significant occasion, Navitas Life Sciences stands tall with a legacy of extensive experience and cutting-edge capabilities in euglycemic clamp studies—a gold standard for assessing insulin sensitivity in humans. Our capabilities enable us to measure the glucose-lowering effect of biosimilar insulin compounds using a variable glucose infusion rate (GIR). With a focus on precision and safety, our experts ensure constant monitoring of subjects throughout the study, employing advanced instrumentation such as glucose analyzers, ECLIA analyzers, and highly sensitive triple quad mass spectrophotometers.

Expertise and Study Experience:

Our domain expertise allows us to identify challenges and deliver effective solutions, as demonstrated by our successful research on various insulin compounds. From Regular Insulin Human to Isophane Suspension, Insulin Glargine Injection, Biphasic Isophane Insulin Injection, and Soluble Insulin Injection, our breadth of experience allows us to craft tailored strategies for the unique objectives of each compound.


Biosimilar Insulin Development:

Our state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies expedite the development process, positioning your biosimilar insulin for market entry ahead of competitors. Key capabilities include the precise euglycemic glucose clamp technique, constant safety monitoring, and regulatory compliant, validated methods for estimating insulin, analogs, and metabolites.

Partner with Navitas Life Sciences:

As World Diabetes Day underscores the imperative of global awareness, Navitas Life Sciences remains unwavering in its commitment to supporting anti-diabetic therapies and advancing biosimilar insulin development. Our expertise in euglycemic clamp studies, comprehensive study capabilities, and dedication to delivering efficient results make us the ideal partner to navigate the challenges of diabetes research. Partner with Navitas Life Sciences and accelerate the development of your anti-diabetic therapies.

Euglycemic Clamp Studies

Navitas Life Sciences has the capabilities and resources to enable biosimilars companies to bring effective anti-diabetic therapies to the market quickly and safely.

With our extensive experience, we understand and have mastered the challenges of deploying the appropriate study design to effectively and scientifically demonstrate the biosimilarity of your product.

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