4 Unique Ways to use our Regulatory Industry Network for access to Key insights

In the current realm of health and safety during the pandemic, officials have depended on multiple data sources for insights about the spread of COVID-19 and to ascertain when economies and businesses needed to be opened. The use of data science in determining the progress of the pandemic has helped in highlighting the relevance and the importance of data tracking and analysis.

Biopharmaceutical industries spend time, effort and money to gain insights about regulatory compliance initiatives. The extent of information available across thousands of market research, peer knowledge and digital platforms is staggering. The volume of data has been found to double every three years, with information accessed from wireless sensors, applications, mobile phones and digital platforms. Such information shared by experts can provide precise information that can transform decision making.

Navitas Life Sciences has a unified platform to help gain insights and ascertain how the landscape is evolving, tapping into the abundance of information that is available, in a bid to future-proof Regulatory Strategy and Operations.

Regulatory Industry Networks

The regulatory industry networks include:

A network for labeling professionals; focused on the full lifecycle of labeling

For Labeling Leaders of companies with a specific focus on operational aspects of the full lifecycle of End-to-End labeling

For Regulatory or Labeling IT Professionals; focused on exploring End-to-End Labeling technologies to improve processes and increase business value

A network for Regulatory Information Management professionals to develop best practices and leading-edge solutions for RIM

Here are 4 key takeaways about the regulatory industry networks that will help expand boundaries in the regulatory ecosystem.

1) Industry Insights: There is greater transfer of insights and transparency in the functioning of the industry that will help in an environment where data is crucial. Access to information and insights can take months to gain, however, such networking with peers in a collaborative, confidential environment can accelerate this significantly .

The regulatory network members have access to industry surveys and best practice approaches that have been discussed and debated by other members.

Why join The Regulatory Industry Networks hosted by Navitas Life Sciences

Future Proof Your Systems

Engage With Global Peers

Compare and Improve Performance

2) Platform for Queries and peer interactions: Whilst there is certain on-the-ground business knowledge that can be utilised, sometimes, internal expertise and knowledge is not sufficient. Networking with domain experts or peers can help open up innovative approaches to some of the more intractable problems, especially with regard to implementing variable regulatory requirements across different regions countries.

3) Industry Benchmarks: Unique confidential benchmarks help in gauging company performance against peers and industry standards. This data can identify areas for potential strategic improvement and can be used to build suitable systems for further transformation. Benchmark topics are provided based on areas of interest of members, and covers end-to-end labeling.

The data shared is anonymized and aggregated, except for individual highlights, providing industry wide transparency but individual privacy.

4) Regulatory Network forums: 2 network forums are conducted every year, providing an ideal environment for networking and exchange of information. There is great value in such data as it will help in understanding the latest trends and indicators.

Virtual events in Spring

Regulatory Industry Network Date 1 Date 2
labenet 08 June, 2021 15 June, 2021
labeconnect 10 June, 2021 17 June, 2021
labetech 09 June, 2021 22 June, 2021
rimnet 16 June, 2021 24 June, 2021

There is an overarching need for everyone to integrate new capabilities and technologies to ensure that they maintain efficiency with an eye to future needs. The forums provide a unique platform for the convergence of thought leaders, accelerating access to information.

Leaders from multiple pharmaceutical companies use the information shared across the regulatory industry network for remarkably deep insights. The data can be used to make accurate forecasts and to gain regulatory insights about changing regulatory trends across markets.

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