7 Ways Navitas Life Sciences is Revolutionizing Processes and Systems with TrackWise

Navitas Life Sciences has always been poised to play a strategic role in managing clinical trials, creating immense value through technology-based solutions. The cloud is a unique platform, that has been developed to be better than a data storage system, with innovative efficiencies obtained by leveraging the data. The global cloud services industry has risen consistently since 2010, to reach a value estimated at 370$ Billion in 2020, a 380% growth over 10 years. As of 2020, it has been estimated that 50% of all corporate data is stored in the cloud.

A deep focus on adaptability of the cloud has facilitated innovative processes, enhancing core competencies without compromising on agility. There was a lot of emphasis on using cloud-based systems in 2020, a pivotal year, which heralded extensive remote clinical trial conduct. Existing systems were integrated with cloud-based technologies to improve flexibility during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such systems have now become an integral part of organizational processes, aiding in continued business processes and growth. In 2021, globally, public cloud services spending is expected to grow by 18.4%, to an estimated $304.9 billion, a considerable increase from $257.5 billion in 2020.

Do you have an effective QMS solution that gives you oversight of your Quality processes enabling better outcomes and informed decisions? Navitas Life Sciences enhances TrackWise® Digital

The first 100% cloud-offered electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) available in the market, TrackWise® Digital, a solution from Sparta Systems, a Honeywell Company, is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant (Including 820, 821, 210, and 211). It is offered on the state-of-the-art Salesforce.com platform and delivered as an on-line web application, fully mobile with offline capabilities as well. Sparta Navitas Life Sciences and Sparta Systems have been working together for over 10 years helping to simplify the technology landscape to enable better outcomes for our clients and to drive informed decisions.

7 Ways TrackWise revolutionizes life science companies and their processes

1) Advanced Quality Management System:

TrackWise® Digital is an easy-to use Quality Management System (QMS) software platform that can be used to address key operational and regulatory challenges in the supply chain and quality across the enterprise. There is greater efficiency and reliability obtained in using this system, as it integrates quality and compliance management processes.

TrackWise® Digital is built on the flexible and scalable Salesforce Lightning platform, and allows customers to benefit from robust, purpose-built quality management capabilities.

Key QMS Processes for an effective Quality Management System

2) Cost Saving: Cost effective architecture helps in developing and strengthening capabilities, leveraging analytics to highlight priorities and deficiencies. The first step toward cost optimization is to configure the system to the organization’s needs.

© Sparta Systems, A Honeywell Company – taken from Navitas Life Sciences, Sparta Systems, and Natco Pharma Webinar on Enabling Digital Quality Transformation | 15 April, 2021. The on-demand version can be found here.

3) Flexible System: Existing TrackWise customers considering transitioning to TrackWise® Digital can maximize their flexibility by adding modules on top of their existing on-premise implementation. Workflows can be customized to suit the needs of individual companies and to scale processes.

Such innovative and flexible services help in developing cost efficiency, time to value and regulatory compliance.

4) Cloud Security: It has been estimated that as industries explored new ways of remote working between January and April 2020, external attacks on cloud accounts were found to increase by 630%

With Trackwise, a proactive approach is employed to identify sensitive areas and to develop effective systems to safeguard data and security threats.

5) Advanced Analysis and Cloud: Advanced analytics offered via cloud help in augmenting systems, aiding in implementing and benefiting from technology.

The global market value for artificial intelligence is expected to surpass 89$ Billion annually by 2025. Companies that do not embrace advanced analytics will lost out on competitive advantages.

6) Application mobility: Organizations that are focused on transformative changes and agility need application mobility that will free organizations from one data center.

Application mobility helps organizations gain greater control over the system

Benefits of Application Mobility

  • Facility to choose easy to use platforms
  • Adoption of technology support unmindful of platform
  • Data managers can migrate across platforms, if needed

7) Environment Sustainability: Studies have shown that migrating areas of infrastructure to the cloud helps in reducing energy consumption by 65% and carbon emissions by 84%. When resources are focused on essential services, there is a reduction in the energy used.

There is an ever increasing presence of cloud based technology in business processes, and Navitas Life Sciences has been helping multiple life science companies and pharma companies utilize the benefits of TrackWise.

Case Study:

Navitas Life Sciences has aided in transformative shift towards improved quality management processes, re-engineering and harmonizing systems. Given the complexity and challenges in clinical trials, the benefits of developing singular quality management strategy will help in better coordination, efficiency and processes.

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