6 Tech Powered Services for Optimizing Clinical Trials in 2021

2021 is the year of moving ahead. We will take a calculated, yet inspirational role, in shaping the future of the clinical trial industry. Having proactively pursued and successfully integrated future-ready Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools into our clinical trials, our technologies have enabled us to advance ahead of time.

Our thought leaders and industry experts understood the inextricable link between running efficient clinical trials and the integration of advanced digital tools. This helped Navitas Life Sciences invest in the right technology, to effectively bridge the clinical trials- AI chasm.

Transitioning Realities

The COVID-19 crisis cast a new light on building automation and AI into the fabric of the organization, from the ground up. It helped in building a seamless and elegant system, under intense pressure, but has resulted in a fortified tech savvy organization that provides next generation support.

Weaving Technology into the Seams of the Organization for Efficient Virtual Clinical Trials

Individual Team Organization
Meetings - Tech supported virtual meetings

Active and consistent participation in virtual meetings

Structured daily meetings, with well thought out plans delivered virtually

Routine progress discussed with partners for enhanced clarity

Data collection and Management

Facilitating e-consent forms, health records, current health status, and more

Blinded data collected is collated into a central repository for enhanced data mining and analytics

Extensive data security and data analytics ensured using improved digital tools

Operational efficiency powered by technology

Provision to work remotely, assess patients remotely, improved patient engagement

Risk based trial monitoring, Better adverse event reporting

Near real-time data insights aids in proactive steps taken to mitigate risks, driving successful outcomes

Regulatory compliance supported by technology Data collection and entry conforms to standards Removing ambiguity in data presentation and analysis in compliance with standards Audit and inspection ready throughout

Here are 6 tech powered solutions to drive successful clinical trial outcomes, now and beyond.

1. Tech powered strategies: The clinical trial industry is increasingly complex, with multiple layers of intricacies, regulations and complexities. It is important to develop processes that factor in a broad range of variables, and prospective scenarios, to forge a precise yet expansive strategy.

Technology can be used to gain key insights to drive smarter choices, continuously, throughout the clinical trial. Such technological prowess aids the facilitation of strategic initiatives, and provides insights that can be used quickly and confidently to course correct.

Our technology driven strategic consulting solutions provide a competitive edge, with the right balance of technology adoption and experience.

2. Re-engineering clinical trials with new technologies and capabilities

A wide array of new age technologies are utilized to build intelligent clinical trials, with updated resource planning and agile use of innovations.

Over the years, we have continuously developed and improved our core competencies to enhance our capabilities and support. Our intelligent, cloud-enabled, clinical analytics platform is proven to deliver near real-time, high-quality data. This can be used to deliver better insights and to enable proactive decision making, to drive better outcomes for clinical trials.

Our OneClinical® platform enables end-to-end clinical trial data management, data visualization, analytics, monitoring, and submission services. Proven across a variety of global trials, the platform offers short setup time with low fixed costs and provides global accessibility with near real-time data analytics and visualizations.

3. Staying ahead with Regulatory Technology

The COVID-19 crisis and the ongoing approval processes, for prospective drugs and vaccines, have elevated the need for advancements in regulatory technology. One of the biggest focus areas in recent years has been in utilizing advance data management and analytics solutions to remain both audit ready and compliant.

We specialize in providing application infrastructure for regulatory, content management, quality, track & trace, serialization, and business intelligence. Global standards are adopted and institutionalized across all services covering ISO, GAMP5, GxP and 21-CFR Part 11 compliance needs. These alignments ensure that the product or services offered are in line with the statutory requirements of all regulatory bodies.

4. Augmenting Pharmacovigilance using advanced technology

Recent advancements in AI and automation have had a significant impact on drug discovery as well as in the post marketing phases in a drug’s lifecycle. Advanced pharmacovigilance technology tools help in better retrieval reporting and data visualization for improved signal detection as well as in risk management.

Divergent regulatory requirements, an ever-increasing volume of data from traditional as well as new age sources, and the need to mine large data sets are all challenges biopharmaceutical companies face to ensure patient safety and effectively manage unintended drug effects. Advanced technology is used in the dynamic pharmacovigilance systems for intelligent processing of the information, ensuring regulatory compliance.

5. Industry Networks

Our future ready industry network forums provide a great digital platform to gain key insights and discuss key trends on the latest in the industry. Our industry leading networks enable companies and teams to raise their profile and reach, providing an independent sounding board to test and validate the latest insights.

With technology and processes developing at a rapid pace, an eye on the current trends will help adapt in tandem. Uncovering such industry insights boosts work optimization, and in structuring strategic and compelling steps towards enhanced business value.

Benefits of joining our Networks community

  • A platform for industry peers to learn and share insights in an open environment
  • Deliver benchmark information to compare and measure operational and organizational performance
  • Discuss key issues facing organizations with ‘hot topics’ addressed by action teams
  • Regular forums to derive best practices to develop innovative future solutions to tackle shared challenges
  • Provide access to the latest industry insights through webcasts, think tanks, and community exchange
  • Offer satellite working sessions to surface industry trends and explore future strategies to boost performance and success

6. Data Security: Our investments in technology have not only been to augment efficiency of clinical trials but to safeguard our systems against cyberattacks and data breach. The need for digitization and cybersecurity are mutually exclusive constructs, with cybersecurity built into value chains for quantitative risk assessment.

As we lead confidently into a new phase in digital clinical trial experience, we align our teams to design controls like authentication, that are both secure and convenient.

Navitas Life Sciences will continue to scan the horizons for new developments that lend competitive advantages, minimizing risk while enhancing efficiency. We will continue to work with multiple partners, with government agencies and pharmas, and develop beneficial ecosystems that support successful clinical trial outcomes.